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Particle Beam Diagnostics 
High precision, non-intercepting, non-destructive particle beam, charge, current, position, and loss measurement transducers and instruments.

Application Product Range Resolution Bandwidth
High Resolution DC CT
Integrating Parametric Current Transformer is highly sensitive and accurate for low current. Differential and net current measurements of multiple conductors. Bergoz IPCT
± 1mA
± 20A
10µA DC - 4.2kHz
Very High Resolution DC CT
New Parametric Current Transformers offers a large dynamic range, the wide bandwidth and high resolution make it the ideal instrument to measure beam lifetime in storage rings. Bergoz NPCT
± 20mA
to ± 20A
0.5µA DC - 10kHz
Continuous Wave CT
CW Current Transformer & Beam Charge Monitor for CW beams and macropulses

8mA to 400mA FS

1 µA 60 - 500 MHz
RF and Pulse CT
    Range Resolution Bandwidth
AC Current Transformer is designed for precise waveform measurement of long pulses and macropulses, up to several ms, with minimal droop and noise. Bergoz ACCT
± 10mA
to ± 2A
2µA rms 5Hz - 350kHz
ACCT embedded inside a conflat flange for direct mounting on the beam pipe In-flange ACCT
    Rise time Droop Bandwidth
Fast Current Transformer is the most sensitive and fastest measurement of pulse or RF currents with rise times as low as 0.2nsec or frequencies up to 1.75GHz, with extra-high sensitivity up to 5V/A. Bergoz FCT
200ps - 1000ps
<0.05%/s -
160Hz - 1.75GHz
FCT embedded inside a conflat flange for direct mounting on the beam pipe In-flange FCT
Charge Transformer
    Rise time Droop Input pulse length
Integrating Current Transformers give unique capability in the measurement of pulse charge with a noise level down to less than 1pC and pulse lengths to less than 1psec. Bergoz ICT
<1ps <2%/µs - <20%/µs <2 µs
ICTs embedded inside a conflat flange for direct mounting on the beam pipe In-flange ICT
Turbo-ICTs are based on the standard ICT, but with multiple cores for reduced noise and shorter output pulse duration (<3ns). Turbo-ICT

The Beam Charge Monitor measures pulsed beams charge from an ICT. It's bipolar output voltage is directly proportional to the total beam charge. Two versions are available:
BCM-IHR (Integrate, Hold, Reset), for pulse repetition rates from 10kHz down to single pulses.

BCM-RF, For use with Turbo-ICT. Two modes available: Track-Continuous for CW and long macropulses (1MHz to 300MHz, 10uA to 100mA), or Sample & Hold for single bunch (Single Bunch to 2MHz, 100fC to 100pC).

Bergoz BCM
< 0.5pCrms Single - 10kHz rate ±7V, available 50µS after trigger
Position Monitor
    Resolution Frequency Response Beam Intensity
The Multiplexed Beam Position Monitor is optimized for electron/positron Storage Rings. The MX-BPM features: 
 •  X and Y output ±10V. 
Bergoz MX-BPM
The Log-Ratio Beam Position Monitor is optimized for single pass beam bunches as in linacs, boosters and transfer lines. Bergoz LR-BPM
The S-band / L-band Beam Position Monitor (S–BPM) is an electronics module for fast analog processing of beam pickups signals. Bergoz LR-BPM
Profile Monitor
    Beam Resolution  
The Vibrating Wire Monitor for beam transverse profile and position, Beam Halo measurement. Fixed multi-wire sensor or moving sensor Proton, ions, electrons, photons, and neutrons. Bergoz VWM
Loss Monitor
    Count Rate Recovery  
The Beam Loss Monitor uses two PIN-photodiodes mounted face-to-face. A charged particle penetrates both diodes, causing a coincidence. Synchrotron radiation photons give a very low false count. Bergoz BLM
0.1Hz - 10MHz 100ns from coincidence event  
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