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GMW offers AC and DC current calibration services for Current Transducers. The lab employs high precision calibration techniques that allow calibration uncertainties below 50PPM for DC primary currents up to 16kA. 0 to 400Hz AC current calibrations are available with uncertainties below 0.1% with primary currents up to 16kA peak. All current calibrations come standard with before and after data as well as statements about total uncertainty. Most of our lab's calibration standards are directly traceable to NIST and NRC. Available are standard calibration options for single or multi-channel transducers systems and transducer heads. For custom calibration requests contact GMW. Delivery is typically 10 business days after receipt. GMW's lab also has the ability to do in-house repairs as required.

AC & DC Current Transducer Calibration - Pricing

GMW is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Certified

GMW offers calibration solutions for magnetic field measurement equipment. With over 25 years of calibration experience, GMW has become a recognized leader in magnetic field calibration. GMW calibrates or brokers calibrations for the following manufactures: Metrolab, Bartington, Group 3 and Senis. GMW has extensive experience calibrating Metrolab products and can offer up to 10 business day delivery after receipt for the Metrolab 2025 and 3045. GMW also has the capability to do in-house repairs if required. Beyond calibrations and repairs GMW offers in-house and on-site normalization services for the Metrolab 3048 probe array.

Magnetic Field Measurement Equipment Calibration - Pricing

GMW is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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