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PPM Intelligent FO Links - Sentinel 3 

Sentinel 3 is the world’s most advanced RF over fiber test and measurement systems for:

  • EMP test and EMC conformance
  • HIRF aircraft clearance
  • Simulated lightning testing
  • Impulse, time domain and NEMP testing
  • Low and high level swept frequency coupling measurements

Sentinel 3 is designed to reduce setup time and maximise measurement certainty.

The 3U chassis is available in desktop and rack-mount format. The chassis accepts up to six single or dual receiver modules. Power and control distribution takes place via the chassis backplane. The unit also integrates battery charging.

  • Bandwidth: 75Hz to 1GHz or 10MHz to 3GHz
  • Three modes: super-low noise mode, high power mode and high impedance mode
  • Increase sensitivity means lower test field strngth and reduced ERP
  • 145dB/Hz instantaneous dynamic range
  • Thermal compensation means calibrate only once for 0.25dB accuracy

Touch-screen System Controller

The wide, touch-screen controller displays link status, battery levels (including those on charge) and supports features such as:

  • Remote gain control
  • Remote power up/down of transmitters
  • Automatic unit detection on startup
  • System self-test

The controller also supports USB and Ethernet interfaces, allowing the system also to be controlled from a PC.

Ultra-compact Remote Transmitters

Sentinel 3 transmitters have been designed to support easier installation in tight spaces. The units have a volume of only 1.1litres and interchangeably accept robust, weatherproof optical connectors and standard LC optical connectors (for smaller size and reduced cable bend-radius).

Transmitters are available in either one or eight inputs.  The units are double-screened to maximise shielding effectiveness.  An integrated power detector enables automatic power tracking. Transmitters can be remotely controlled to perform such functions as:

  • Verification of gain setting changes
  • Link parameter modification
  • Self-test / signal selection
  • Link calibration
  • Enter or exit sleep mode

Bi-directional communication means transmitters can confirm setting changes have been implemented. No more crossing your fingers!

  • Broadband, high linearity LNA
  • RF pre-amplifer
  • Attenuation blocks
  • Shuttered fibre optic connector
  • SMA type optical connector

Mutli-core cross site cables

Single, dual and multi-link cross site cables simplify and minimise setup time and allow a single receiver to monitor up to 48 sensors (six transmitters, each with eight inputs) sequentially, or two sensors simultaneously (requires dual input receiver module).

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