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LEM Danfysik Current Transducer System, 866R 
LEM Danfysik Multi-channel Current Transducer Systems

The 866 is no longer in production. See Discontinued Products.

The recommended replacement is Danisense DS Series High Precision Current Transducers

The LEM Danfysik 866R Multi-channel Current Transducer System utilizes the proven Ultrastab 866 precision current transducers to provide a convenient, precision multi-channel system with current and voltage outputs for power analysis and quality control applications.

The 866R system has a standard analog output of ±400mA and ±1V at 600A primary current, but can be delivered factory programmed for 1V output at 300, 150 or 75A. Frequency response is dc to 100kHz (-3dB)

A complete system consists of an 866R rack mount six channel power supply, connecting cables, one to six 866 Current Transducers (we have preconfigured three channels as standard), primary current busbars, and a transducer mounting plate. Both the current and voltage output signal can be monitored simultaneously. However, since the signals are in series, at least one of the monitoring instruments must be isolated from ground.

866R-600-3 Current Transducer System, Three Channels, 600 Amps Per Channel
  •  1 x 866R Rack Mount Power Supply for up to six Transducers
  •  3 x 866-600 Current Transducer, 600 amp.
  •  3 x 16900451 Primary Current Cable.
  •  3 x SP10005 Power and Signal Cable.
  •  1 x 11902340 Current Transducer Cabinet Assembly, for up to three transducers.

 This page was last updated on 28 February, 2014

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