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GMW Dipole Electromagnets, 76mm, 5403 
Power Supplies
We offer two different types of power supplies for the 5403 electromagnet; unipolar and bipolar.

Elgar Electronics Power SupplyWe offer Sorenson unipolar supplies suitable for applications were a DC field is required. They feature a stability of 0.05% over 8 hours and they are available with an optional IEEE-488 interface. Order part numbers:
DLM40-75EM9E - Power Supply, 40V, 75A, unipolar, 0.05% / 8hrs, IEEE-488. Input voltage: 180 - 264V, 50/60Hz, 16A, 1P.
DLM40-75E - Power Supply, 40V, 75A, unipolar, 0.05% / 8hrs, analog programming. Input voltage: 180 - 264V, 50/60Hz, 16A, 1P

• • •

Kepco BOP 20-20MFor applications that require a bipolar power supply, we offer the Kepco BOP series. They feature stability of 0.02% over 8 hours, and an optional IEEE-488 interface may be installed either by GMW, or by the user at a later date. The 5403 requires two of the Kepco BOP 20V, 20A, supplies wired in paralllel to acheive 20V, 40A. Order part number:
BOP20-20DL Power supply, 20V, 20A, bipolar.
BIT-4886 IEEE-488 interface for Kepco BOP power supplies, 16-bit.

• • •

5971-160 Current Reversal SwitchIf field reversal is required when using a a unipolar Power Supply, we offer the 5971-160 Current Reversal Switch. This Switch provides a safe way of reversing the magnets current under either manual or computer control. The USB Interface also provides control fo the Power Supply current, and readback of the Power Supply current and voltage. It will also provide field readback from a Senis Field Transducer if installed.

Magnet Current Cables
Power Supply direct to Magnet:
16907-0051-0 Cable, Current & interlock, DLM40-75 to 5403, 5m.
16907-0051-2 Cable, Current & interlock, 2 x BOP 20-20DL to 5403, 5m.
16907-0051-1 Cable, Current & interlock, 1 x BOP 20-20DL to 5403, 5m.
16907-0051-3 Cable, Current & interlock, 1 x BOP 25-40MG to 5403, 5m.

16907-0031-0 Cable, Current & interlock, 231HC-5kW to 5403, 5m.

Power Supply direct to Extended Gap (EG) Magnet:
16907-0064-1 Cable, Current & interlock, DLM40-75 to 5403-EG, 5m.
16907-0064-0 Cable, Current & interlock, BOP 25-40MG to 5403-EG, 5m.

Power Supply to Reversing Switch:
16907-0062-0 - Cable, Current & Interlock, DLM40-75 to 5971-160, 60A, 2m

Reversing Switch to Magnet:
16907-0051-4 - Cable, Current & Interlock, 5971-160 to 5403, 60A, 5m.

Magnet Poles and Axial Holes
GWM Offers several Poles for the 5403 Electromagnet. Order by part numbers as listed below:
17901700 - Single Pole, 10mm face, for 5403.
17901520 - Single Pole, 38mm face, for 5403.
17901510- Single Pole, 76mm face, for 5403.

17901390 - Single Pole, 38mm face, for 5403EG.

17906560 - Single Pole, 10mm face, long, for 5403EG.
17906550 - Single Pole, 38mm face, long, for 5403EG.
17906540 - Single Pole, 76mm face, long, for 5403EG.

For optical experiments or other applications where an axial hole in one or both poles is required, GMW can provide the poles with the hole pre-drilled to your specifications. Order part:
5403-AH - Axial hole in one pole, diameter to be specified.

Mounting and Motor Drives
We offer Vertical Mounting Brackets, and Rolling, Rotating, or Rolling and rotating bases for the 5403 Electromanget. A guide rail is also available to guide the rolling bases between magnet test stations.

17901610 Vertical Mount Bracket.
11803170 - Rolling Base for 5403, 3472 & 3473.
11802090 - Rotating Base for 5403, 3472 & 3473.
11803430 - Rolling and Rotating Base for 5403, 3472 & 3473.

Optima Rack - Shown with Teslameter, Power Supply, and Reversing Switch Installed - Click to EnlargeGMW-RC-1920 GMW 19" EIA rack cabinet. This handsome half-height 19" rack cabinet provides ample space for your power supply, reversing switch, and other instrumentation.

It is two-tone gray, and is supplied with lift off side panels, castors, and a door mounted on to the back. The door includes two line powered cooling fans to help draw hot air out of the rack. It does not include filler panels and support angles.

P-0119 - Filler panel, 1U, light gray.
P-0319 - Filler panel, 2U, light gray.
P-0519 - Filler panel, 3U, light gray.
P-0719 - Filler panel, 4U, light gray.
P-0819 - Filler panel, 5U, light gray.
SA-30 - Support Angle Pair.
HW-1 - Hardware kit, screws and washers, set of 100.

Software and PC Interface Cards
- Driver for SGA power supplies with IEEE-488 interface.
- Driver for Kepco power supplies with IEEE-488 interface.
- Driver for complete closed-loop control of magnet system, power supply, and teslameter (gaussmeter) drivers.

* Note: The above listed drivers require LabVIEW 8.21 or newer version.

- National Instruments LabVIEW Full System for Windows with 1 Yr Service (English).

National Instruments PCI IEEE-488 Interface Card - Click to Enlarge
778927-01- USB-GPIB Interface for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

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