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Group 3 Digital Teslameters (Gaussmeters), DTM-133 & 151 
Specifications - DTM-133
  Measurement modes  DC field, AC field, peak field, probe temperature
  Ranges  Manual or autoranging, actual range depends on
 probe used, see probe specifications, below
  Digitization  14 Bits, (1 bit for polarity, 13 bits for field)
  Accuracy  ± 0.03% of full scale
  Time stability  ± 0.1%/year max
  Measurement rate  30 per second (digitally corrected)
  Display rate  10 per second (digitally corrected)
  Response time  < 0.2 seconds with digital filter off
  Operating temperature  0 to 50°C
  Ambient field  Maximum operating field for electronics package:
 10mT with single range probe
 0.5mT with multi-range probe
  Interfacing options  RS-232C & fiber optic or
 IEEE-488 (GPIB)
  External power input  8 to 15Vac, 1.1Arms max
 10 to 19Vdc, 0.75A max
  Analog monitor output
   Full scale output  ± 3V, nominal, uncorrected
   Source impedance  1kOhm
   Zero offset  < ±10mV max
   Accuracy  ±10%
   Residual noise  < 0.5mV p-p
   Bandwidth  9kHz at - 3dB, rolloff 3-pole 6dB/decade
  Controls and indicators
    Front panel
      Range  Select between ranges
      Mode  Change measurement modes
      Display  7 character, 7 segment alphanumeric display
      Indicators  8 back-lit legends for range, filter, hold,
 tesla, and gauss
      Internal controls  1 x 2 position DIP switch for default modes
 2 x 8 position DIP switches for addressing and
  Enclosure  Aluminum
  Dimensions (mm)  217 x 125 x 50
  Weight  1.2kg
    Power input  2.1mm coaxial socket
    Probe  40 position dual row header
    Analog output  Molex receptacle type M5051-4 fitted with M2759 terminals
    RS-232  26 position dual row header and
 HP Versalink fiber optic
    IEEE-488  Amphenol 57-20240 socket with metric standoffs

DTM Kit, Panel Version, Standard Delivery

 Panel version comes complete with:
   Rack mounting digital teslameter (gaussmeters)
   Support bracket (with panel versions only)
   Plug pack
   Molex 2-position socket
   System manual (not pictured)

DTM-133-PG, MPT-132-3s, and Probe Holder  Three DTM-133-PGs in a 19" rack panel  DTM-133 Front and Rear panels

Specifications - Probes
  Orientation  Transverse
  Temperature range  0 to + 50°C operating to spec, - 20 to + 60° max
  Accuracy  ± (0.03% of reading + 0.03% of full scale) max
 at 25°C
  DTM-133 with MPT-132 Probe
   Ranges  0.3T, 0.6T, 1.2T, & 3.0T
 (3,000, 6,000, 12,000 & 30,000G)
   Resolution  50µT, 100µT, 200µT, & 500µT
 (0.5, 1.0, 2.0, & 5.0G)
   Calibration  - 100ppm of reading/°C typical
 - 140ppm of reading/°C max
 add - 3ppm/°C for each meter of probe cable
   Zero drift  ± (15µT + 0.0010% of full scale)/°C typical
 ± (40µT + 0.0015% of full scale)/°C max
   DTM-133 with MPT-230 Probe
  Ranges  0.03T, 0.06T, 0.12T, & 0.3T
 (300, 600, 1,200 & 3,000G)
  Resolution  5µT, 10µT, 20µT, & 50µT
 (0.05, 0.1, 0.2, & 0.5G)
   Calibration  - 620ppm of reading/°C max
 add - 3ppm/°C for each meter of probe cable
   Zero drift  ± (8µT + 0.0015% of full scale)/°C max
  Dimensions (mm)  
   Probe head  14 x 5 x 2 mm
   Sensitive area  1 x 0.5 x 0.08 mm
   Probe cable diameter  6.5

   Probe cable length

 2 meters standard, (30 meters max)
   Connector  83 x 77 x 17 mm

MPT Probe  MPT Probe and Holder  MPT Probe Drawing
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955 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070, USA