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Group 3 Digital Teslameters (Gaussmeters), DTM-133 & 151 
GPIB Version Rear ViewThe Group3 DTM-151 is the highest performance Hall effect teslameter (gaussmeter) commercially available with digital linearity and temperature correction to provide 0.01% accuracy, resolution to 2ppm, and a temperature stability of 10ppm/°C. For less demanding applications, the DTM-133 with only digital linearity correction has 0.03% accuracy, resolution to 10ppm, and a temperature stability of 100ppm/°C.

The Group3 DTM digital Hall teslameters (gaussmeters) provide superior accuracy, resolution, and long term measurement stability. They out perform other available Hall effect based instruments for precision applications of field mapping, magnet field control, magnetic sensor calibration, and permanent magnet quality control.

All Group3 Hall probes are pre-calibrated against an NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Teslameter (Gaussmeter) over their operating field and temperature range. The unique characteristics of each probe are stored in an EPROM located in the probe connector. This enables the probes to be interchanged without recalibration.

These teslameters (gaussmeters) are particularly suitable for permanent installation in particle accelerators or test and measurement equipment. They are mechanically compact, and up to three units may be installed in a single 2U EIA 19" rack panel. Their high brightness LED displays can be viewed from any angle, in low ambient light, and from several meters distance. Special attention has been paid to circuit and software design to ensure completely reliable operation in electrically noisy environments.

The two available interfacing options are IEEE-488 or RS-232C. The serial interface includes a fiber optic port to enable operation of the DTM at a high voltage with respect to the host computer.

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