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Metrolab Three-Axis Hall Teslameter (Gaussmeter), THM 7025 
The THM 7025 has been discontinued and replaced by the THM 1176 Three Axis Transducer.

The Metrolab THM 7025 is a low cost, hand held, three axis Hall effect Teslameter (also known as a gaussmeter or magnetometer) that utilizes a unique three dimensional Hall effect sensor. Commonly available single axis Hall effect teslameters or gaussmeters only measure the component of the magnetic field intensity in one direction, either transverse or axial with respect to the probe. Complete characterization of the magnetic field at any location requires measurement of three mutually perpendicular field components (Bx, By, and Bz) and vector addition of the components to calculate the total field (B). This is a tedious, time consuming exercise requiring experience in magnetic field measurement. The Metrolab THM 7025 measures the three components Bx, By, Bz and then the total field is automatically calculated and displayed.

The THM 7025's key pad gives the operator complete control over the different measurement modes, and all of the functions are accessible for computer control via the built-in RS-232 serial interface.

Common applications would include: safety control in MRI environment e.g. 5 Gauss line detection, permanent magnet QC, mapping of magnet fringing field contours, evaluating magnetic shielding effectiveness. We are developing a series of Articles (Technical Notes) regarding magnetic field measurements and instrument applications.

The below products are mechanically and functionally similar
 Narda Model  Metrolab Model

The Metrolab THM-7025 is for measurement of DC fields only. For AC field measurement products (most 60Hz meters do not measure DC fields) please refer to Ametes MFS-3A, Bartington Mag-03, and/or ETS-Lindgren.

Last updated on: 23 November, 2016

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