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Magnetic Field Mapper, MMS-1A-RS

  Model / Part No. Description Price 

Magnetic Field Mapper, 3-Axis, 0.1% Field Accuracy, 2µm resolution, 135x135x135mm


  • F3A Three-Axis Magnetic Field Transducer. Specify
    Type A(robust) or Type G (thin, fragile).  
    Specify one full-scale field range of 20mT, 50mT, 100mT,
    200mT, 500mT, 1T, 2T or 3T1
  • Cartesian Moving Platform (135 x 135 x 135 mm scanning area). Maximum scanning speed 100mm/sec. Includes Probe Holder. Includes optical boundary switches to obtain probe position, and mechanical switches to prevent damage to linear modules.
  • Stepper Motor Drivers (SSMD)
  • Linear Encoders for linear axes (x,y,z) for 1µm resolution.
  • Emergency Stop Safety Switch
  • NI Motion Controller for simultaneous control of four axes (x,y,z,t). Allows for higher scanning speeds (100mm/s) and complex scanning paths (circles, 3D contours, etc.).
  • Multifunctional NI DAQ for Motor Drive Control and Data Acquisition. Connects to PC via USB interface.
  • MMS-RS Rotating Stage With Rotary Encoder (resolution 0.022 degrees)
  • MMS-SC Non-magnetic scroll chuck.
  • Emergency stop safety switch
  • MMS-TS Touch sensor to prevent probe damage. Triggers emergency stop whenever probe touches an object under measurement process.
  • MMS-CT Calibration Tools. Includes MMS-MF magnet frame
  • DELL or HP desktop computer with Windows Professional OS and Senis Mapping Software
  • MMS-ZG7 Zero Gauss Chamber. Magnetic Shield for correcting the probe zero field offset.
  • Power Supply
  • Documentation
  • Installation, supervision & training at the
    customer's site in North America - 2 full days
  • Warranty of 12 months from customer's site

Note: The Type A or Type G Field Sensor can be replaced any of the full line of Senis Magnetic Field Transducers. See Senis Transducers F3A Series overview.

  MMS-MR2 Second measurement range for the 3-axis Magnetic Field Transducer1 $3,090 
  MMS-MR3 Second and third measurement range for the 3-axis Magnetic Field Transducer1 $4,580 
  MMS-SP-H Spare H-Module (probe) of the 3-axis Magnetic Field Transducer. Highly recommended; mandatory for QA mapper applications in production lines. See Senis Transducers F3A Series overview.
  MMS-SP-E Spare E-Module (Electronics, S-Type) of the 3-axis Magnetic Field Transducer. See Senis Transducers F3A Series overview.
  MMS-CMPXXxYYxZZ Extended scanning volume up to 500mm per axis.


  MMS-CMP135x135x300 Extended Scanning Volume only in z-axis to 300mm $12,360 
  MMS-CMM System for dimensional measurement of objects under test (easy-to-use-CMM). Consist of stylus mounted to MMS-TS and software module. $7,420 
  MMS-ZG7 Spare Zero Guass Chamber. Magnetic shield of correcting probe zero field offset.



Axial Tilt Platform for MMS-RS Rotary Stage and MMS-SC Scroll Chuck, Manual Adjustment. X&Y, +/-2mm, +/-0.04mm; Tilt +/- 0.6°, +/- 0.02°.  200N (45lbf) max.

  MMS-SafetyCabinet Protective cabinet with emergency stop. Required for EU Safety refulations - CE directives. $4,330 
  MMS-SafetyCabinetAcrylic Protective cabinet made with anti-static Acrylic Sheets with emergency stop. Required for EU safety regulation - Cedirectives. Mandatory for QA Mapper application in production lines. $8,040 
  MMS-PC-IND Industrial PC for more REliable Operation $4,950 
  MMS-AMR 3-axis, high-resolution AMR Probe (dimensions: 7.37 x 7.27 x 2.5mm) connected to the lownoise transducer. Magnetic field range: 0.5mT; Magnetic resolution: better than 100nT; Accuracy: better than 200nT. $12,360 
  RPM-0.1T or RPM-0.05T Reference Permanent Magnet (0.1T or 0.05T) for probes validation $4,330 
  MMS-SafetyCurtains Safety Light Curtains (for European safety regulations - CE directives). Mandatory for QA Mapper applications in the production lines. $4,950 
  MMS-Service Annual service, per year, up to 5 years after installation. Includes transducer calibration, mapper software updates, up to one-week on-site support and response within 3 hours (swiss working hours). 16% of 
Full Price 
  • 1 Measurement ranges can be grouped by Resolution.
           Highest resolution: 20, 50 or 100mT
           High resolution: 200 or 500mT
           Standard resolution: 1T, 2T or 3T.
      When ordering multiple range probes (MR2, MR3 or MR4 option), it's generally best to select
      ranges from different resolution categories

 Terms and Conditions:
 Prices above are for domestic deliveries to Canada, USA and Mexico only.
 Prices are expressed in U.S. Dollars, FCA San Carlos, California.
 Prices are subject to change without notice.

 Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Prepayment before shipment, or Net 30 days (subject to credit acceptance).
 Delivery: Stock to 120 days, depending on model and quantity.

 Last updated on: 2 November, 2018

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