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AKM Current Sensors, CQ Series 
CQ1xx is not recommended for new development. Consider CQ20xx or CQ30xx instead.

Asahi Hall Effect IC AKM (Asahi) Current Sensors have full scale current ranges are ±25A and ±55A with frequency response from dc to over 50kHz. The “CQ series” uses a magnetic core enclosing the primary conductor and a very high performance linear Hall effect IC. This structure creates a high accuracy, low noise, reduced cross-talk sensor with minimized influence from external magnetic fields. The sensor size is 8 x 20 x 14 mm, the smallest size of a core type current sensor for the current ranges.

AKM Magnetic Sensors Engineering and Development Kits Guide

AKM Magnetic Sensor Selection Guide

For general information refer to
Wikipedia - Hall Effect.

Part No. /
Spec Sheet
Type Rated Sensed Current Max Sensed Current Supply Voltage
CQ-121E Open Loop Current Transducer with Linear Hall Effect IC ±25A ±30A 3 to 5.5V
CQ-131E Open Loop Current Transducer with Linear Hall Effect IC ±55A ±60A 3 to 5.5V
Related Products
  • Small-sized open loop current transducer using Linear Hall Effect IC
  • The primary conductor and the Hall Effect IC are isolated electrically
  • High level output allows for direct connection to micro-computer or ADC.
  • Small-size 8D x 20W 14H mm
  • Supply voltage range 3V to 5.5V
  • Ratiometric analog output

AKM products are not to be used in devices or assemblies if the failure in any way of the AKM product could cause that device, assembly or associated system to become hazardous or unsafe.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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