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Sentron Angle Sensor, Linear 2-Axis Hall IC, 2SA-10G 
Sentron 2SA-10 Analog Hall Device Sentron's magnetic angular sensor 2SA-10G detects the absolute angular position of a small magnet that is positioned above the device surface.

The 2SA-10G is an integrated combination of a CMOS Hall circuit and a thin ferromagnetic disk. The CMOS circuit contains two pairs of Hall-elements for each of the two directions parallel with the chip surface X and Y. The ferromagnetic disk amplifies the external magnetic field and concentrates it on the Hall elements.

The 2SA-10G is ideally suited for rotary non contact position sensing in harsh industrial environments. It produces two linear, ratio-metric output voltages proportional to the sine and the cosine function of the angle of the applied magnetic field parallel to the chip surface.

The 2SA-10G-SO is RoHS compliant.

2SA-10 Animation Animated Angle Graph

The 2SA-10G positioned under a rotating magnet provides exact angle and rotation direction information. The angle may be computed from Sx and Sy, and the direction is known from which signal (Sx or Sy) leads.

  • Measures two components of a magnetic field at a single location
  • Excellent matching of sensitivities along the two axes.
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Low quiescent current
  • Fabricated in standard CMOS technology
  • Available in SOIC-8
  • 2-D position sensing
  • Contactless potentiometer
  • Angular position sensor for micromotors
  • Miniture contactless encoder
  • contactless rotary switch
  • 2-D magnetic field mapping
  • Joystick
  • 1-D linear position sensor

The "leaded" versions of the Sentron 2SA-10G-SO are no longer in production, the "leaded" parts are identified as not having "G" parts (2SA-10G-SO).

The Sentron CSA-10G-SO is manufacture by Melexis Semiconductors and is equivalent to the MLX91204.

Please contact Lou Law for additional information.

Last updated on 12 September, 2012

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