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GMW Sin/Cos to Analog Interpolator IC, GMW360A  
GMW360A is no longer in production. See Discontinued Products
Sentron 2SA-10 Analog Hall Device The GMW360A Interpolator IC is designed to be compatible with the Sentron 2SA-10, 2-Axis angular sensing IC, however it will work with any SIN and COS signal input with the required input amplitude. The GMW360A is based on the Cypress PSoCTM, CY8C24123A, Mixed-Signal Array device. The GMW360A converts orthogonal SIN and COS signals to Analog and PWM output signals proportional to the angle with 9 bit resolution.

The PWM output can be turned off by connecting the “PWM Disable” pin to “COM”. In addition to the absolute angle position outputs, the GMW360A detects when the magnetic strength of the magnet is too low and provides a discrete magnet “Out of Range” signal. The device incorporates an input voltage “Offset Null” capability which is activated by momentarily connecting the PWM output pin to VDD and applying power.

The electrical Zero Angle position can be set to correlate to any mechanical position within 360 degrees. This is accomplished by momentarily connecting the Analog output pin to VDD and applying power. The IC only requires one external component (bypass capacitor) and operates with a single 5 Volt supply

The GMW360A is RoHS compliant.

  • Analog and PWM outputs for 0 to 360 degrees
  • 10% to 90% active range output signals
  • Resolution of up to 9 bits
  • Magnet “Out of Range” discrete output
  • User selectable “Zero Angle” set
  • User initiated “Offset Null”
  • Only one external part –bypass capacitor
  • Single 5V supply (2.4 to 5.25 V operating)
  • Surface mount SOIC-8 package
  • Directly compatible with the
    Sentron 2SA -10 angle sensor

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