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Ametes Three Axis Magnetic Field Sensor, MFS-3A 
The high magnetic field sensitivity, accurate calibration, high stability and high signal output of the Sentron CSA-1VG Hall effect IC enable it to be conveniently used to monitor the extended fields from magnetic items and electric equipment. As a demonstration of the CSA-1VG capability, three CSA-1VG with sensitive axes mutually perpendicular, are combined in a compact module as the MFS-3A Three Axis Magnetic Field Sensor. Three output voltages VX = S*Bx, Vy = S*By and Vz = S*Bz are generated proportional to the magnetic flux density components Bx, By and Bz with the sensitivity S = 280mV/mT over the field range of ±7.3mT. This enables calculation of the total magnetic flux density,
B = (Bx2 + By2 + Bz2)1/2 = (Vx2+ Vy2 +Vz2)1/2/S.

The MFS-3A is RoHS compliant.

  • Measures Bx, By, Bz
  • Suitable for environmental magnetic fields
  • Three linear analog outputs Vx, Vy, Vz
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Wide Frequency response: DC to 100kHz
  • Small size, low weight, low power.
  • Quality assurance of magnetized materials and items such as sealing strips and permanent magnets by fast and complete characterization of the external magnetic field.
  • Detection/separation of magnetic and non-magnetic materials by monitoring the modification of the local or imposed field caused by magnetic item/items.
  • Non-contact, non-invasive and continuous “Condition Monitoring” of electrical motors, generators, transformers or inductors by comparing the amplitudes of selected external or “leakage” field spectral
    components with initial or reference values. Quality assurance of electrical components by leakage field measurement.
  • Independent monitoring of the ON/OFF status of large magnets with extended fringing fields. The MFS- 3A output can be used to operate warning indicators and/or interlocks. Resolution of ±30μT readily allows measurement of the 500μT (5G) safety level applicable to Magnetic Resonance Imagers (MRI).
  • Wearable, battery operated “Personal Magnetic Field Detector” to immediately generate a warning to the wearer that they have entered a region of increased magnitude magnetic field.
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