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Ametes logo Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) magnetic sensors for non-contact measurement of magnetic field, isolated electric current, angle and rotation, and position. High-sensitivity, small package size, and low power consumption.

Ametes logo Ametes current transducers for isolated measurement of electric current. Small size and light weight for high density power conversion applications.

Bartington logo Bartington one-axis and three-axis Fluxgate NanoTeslameters (Gaussmeters) for environmental magnetic field measurements. Magnetic Susceptibility Instrumentation.

Bergoz logo Bergoz high Sensitivity DC Current Transformers. Precision Current Transformers for ac, rf and pulsed current. Charged Particle Beam Current and Pulse Charge Transformers, Beam Position Monitors and Diagnostic Instrumentation.

Danisense Danisense Current Transducers with Fluxgate technology for isolated measurement of electric current. Current ranges to 3000A Peak.

Group3 logo Group3 precision Hall Effect Teslameters (Gaussmeters). Control Systems for Particle Accelerators, and Fiber Optic Interfacing products.

HTS-110 HTS-110 cryogen-free Superconducting Dipole Electromagnets provide fast ramping, fast cool down,and excellent vertical, horizontal, and lateral access in a compact configuration.

Matesy logo Matesy Magneto-Optic sensor films and systems for real-time vizualization of fringe field polarity and magnitude.

MetroLab logo Metrolab three-axis Hall Effect and high precision NMR Teslameters (Gaussmeters) for magnetic field measurement. Two channel precision Digital Voltage Integrators for magnetic flux change measurements.

PEM UK PEM AC Current Probes are wide bandwidth current sensors based on the Rogowski principle. They provide the convenience of clip around mounting and are available in a range of coil-sections and diameters..

PPM DC to 10MHz and 10MHz to 3GHz Analog Signal Fiber Optic links for high voltage, high electrical noise and precision timing applications.

Sentron logo Senis high accuracy One and Three-Axis Magnetic Field to Voltage Transducers in single and multichannel versions. Standard field ranges to 2T, special ranges to 20T. Standard frequency response dc to 1kHz, special versions to 50kHz. For field mapping, magnet and electrical Q.C., condition monitoring and non-destructive test.

Sentron logo Sentron high senility One and Two-Axis Hall effect Integrated circuits with linear analog output accurately proportional to the magnetic field component. Applications to non-contact electric current sensing and linear and angular position measurement.
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