Release of Cryomag Three-axis fluxgate magnetometer

Bartington is in the process of releasing a new three-axis cryogenic compatible sensor which has been tested in collaboration with CERN, the University of Uppsala and IPN Orsay during the development phase. The new Cryomag offers noise performance <20pTrms @1Hz, has 3 concurrent axes and a measuring range of 100µT (though additional ranges will be made available in the long term) and can easily connect to the new digitiser DG-1 which is also being released. This will allow for simple integration of the sensors with a USB output from the digitiser. A typical, 3-axis measurement setup including the digitiser will be less than $6000.

Datasheet and drawing for the sensor are now available, as well as pricing information.

The first sensors are currently scheduled to ship at the beginning of April, with the main production expected to start from June 2020. [Update: Expected production Q2 2021].