End of Fiscal Year Inventory

About this time of year, GMW starts to get enquiries from customers about products being delivered and invoiced before the end of the September 30 fiscal year. GMW products in stock are listed on the appropriate product price page by highlighting in yellow. GMW generally are stocking:

  • Low-Noise and Compact Fluxgate Magnetometers from Bartington Instruments for high resolution magnetic field measurements to +/-2mT.
  • Hall Effect measurement probes from Metrolab, Group3 and Senis with one and three component probes to +/-20T.
  • Clamp-on and Clip-on DC Current Probes (GMW) and High Accuracy Fluxgate DC Current Transducers (Danisense, Bergoz) for current measurement from +/-1mA to +/-10kA.
  • Rogowski Coil AC Current Probes from PEM for clip-around current measurements up to 30MHz.

Most products not stocked can be delivered within about 6-8 weeks.