Fiscal Year End Orders for GMW – Current Measurement

About this time of year, GMW starts to get enquiries from customers about products being delivered and invoiced before the end of the September 30 fiscal year. GMW offers a variety of DC/AC Current Probes and Current Transducers – items in stock can be ordered directly from our website, while a quote can be requested for made-to-order items.

Current Measurement Instrumentation generally in stock includes:

  • Clip-on (CPC) and Clamp-on (CPCO) DC/AC Current Probes [1] from GMW, with full-scale current ranges from 250A to 16kA, offer convenient, openable, large apertures in a light-weight package for use both as a ‘scope probe or for long term current monitoring.
  • Clip-around, Rogowksi Coils AC Current Probes [2] from PEM with full-scale current ranges from 30A to 1MA, have a convenient, flexible, clip-around measurement coil for access around difficult to reach conductors. PEM probes are now available with frequency response to 50MHz (-3dB).
  • DC/AC Fluxgate Current Transducers [3] from Danisense, with very high resolution and accuracy, wide dynamic range with full-scale current ranges to 10kA and dc to 500kHz (-3dB). Versions are available in either voltage output or current output.

Items not in stock are available within 8 weeks or fewer, as indicated on the website.