Fiscal Year End Orders for GMW – Electromagnets and Electromagnet Systems

About this time of year, GMW starts to get enquiries from customers about Electromagnets and Electromagnet Systems being delivered and invoiced before the end of the September 30 fiscal year.

  • Many of GMW’s “table top” electromagnets such as the Model 3470 and 3480 are available from stock and can be delivered quickly. The 5405, together with the true bipolar BPS power supply can deliver +/-2.5T at 1cm gap – with both components in stock, delivery this fiscal year is straightforward.
  • Projected Field Electromagnets such as the Model 5201 and 5207 with fields over 1T are also in stock and can be delivered with bipolar power supplies in less than 6 weeks.
  • Complete systems, including GMW’s new High Uniformity Poles, are now available on all standard dipoles from 3470 to 3474 and allow for NMR-level uniformity without active shimming or special set-up requirements.

Our new website enables accurate self-estimating tools, which can then be submitted for formal quotation. However, please feel free to reach out for any sales or technical support required.