Fiscal Year End Orders for GMW – Intelligent Fiber Optic Links

About this time of year, GMW starts to get inquiries from customers about products being delivered and invoiced before the end of the September 30 fiscal year. Intelligent Fiber-Optic Links from PPM have a lead time of up to 90 days.

  • PPM Sentinel 3 Intelligent Fiber Optic Links now include National Instruments certified LabVIEW driver for their EMP/EMC conformance test and measurement. The Sentinel 3 is the world’s most advanced RF over fiber test and measurement systems for: EMP test and EMC conformance; HIRF aircraft clearance; lightning testing; and Low and high level swept frequency coupling measurements.
  • PPM p2p Analog Fiber Optic Link systems allow high fidelity transmission of analog signals from DC to 3GHz that require immunity to electrical interference, high voltage isolation, or long haul signal transmission.

Our new website enables accurate self-estimating tools, which can then be submitted for formal quotation.  However, please feel free to reach out for any sales or technical support required.