GMW Associates Fall Newsletter

We hope you had a pleasant and relaxing summer.

This year GMW Associates celebrates 40th Anniversary from its founding under Ian Walker and his colleagues Hilton Glavish and Barry MacKinnon in 1982.Today, we are 20 people located all over the world and 100% employee owned. We are at heart a company that exists to solve customer problems, with our core expertise being in magnetics. This magnetics expertise drives our focus in sensors, transducers and test and measurement instrumentation.  Key industries remain Particle Accelerators and MRI, with Electric Vehicles, Power Electronics, Spintronics, Materials Research, Oil & Gas all contributing.

It has been a pleasure to reconnect with you during the different Summer tradeshows and workshops such as ITEC+ in Anaheim, 7th Workshop on Magnonics in Oxnard, where GMW participated in the Poster Session, and NAPAC in Albuquerque. We have a very busy Fall ahead, continuing with the Battery Show / Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo in Novi, MI September 13-15. Check out or full Conference schedule here.

New Product Developments

Danisense DT Series Reduced Size Current Transducer

The new DT series are ultra-stable, high precision (ppm class) fluxgate technology current transducers for isolated DC and AC current measurement up to 200Arms. Benefiting from a considerable reduced size with 60% less volume compared with the previous product generation, the devices feature a large frequency bandwidth of up to 2MHz and a primary current of ranging from 50A up to 200A.

Danisense Wide Bandwidth Current Transducers for Power Analysis

The new DW500UB-2V has a voltage output signal of 2 V at 500 A. The full aluminum body ensures a superior EMI shielding and extended operating temperature range.

First Measurement with Few Nanoamperes Resolution for Bergoz Instrumentation

The CWCT is well adapted for the cyclotron beams average current measurements. Yet, when few microamperes or hundreds nanoamperes beam needs to be measured, its resolution is not good enough.

To break this barrier, the Low Current module (LC), a shielded front-end electronics consisting of a Low-Noise Amplifier and specially tuned filters, has been developed within Bergoz Instrumentation R&D department. It is attached directly to the sensor to avoid catching noise from the environment.

Tests were ran during two sessions in October 2021 and in March 2022 on one line of the AGOR cyclotron at KVI (UMCG-PARTREC, Groningen, Netherlands):

  • With the LC-CWCT and BCM-CW-E, a 5 nA rms resolution was reached for a 3.5 ms risetime (10%-90%).
  • With a faster risetime, 35 µs (10%-90%), the resolution was 40 nA rms.

These performances were the first of a kind for Bergoz Instrumentation. Being able to measure an average beam current with few nanoamperes resolution is a great success for the company!

GMW Model 5202 Projected Field Vector Magnet  

Vertical and Horizontal Projected Field


  • Vector Angle θ is continuously variable around the full 360 degrees in one plane.
  • Customized poles to allow for in-plane operation, perpendicular operation, or both, including field rotation in vertical plane for damping characterization in spin systems.
  • Estimated field strength 250mT.
  • Same mechanical dimensions and mounting as 5201 (horizontal / in plane), 5203 (vertical / perpendicular), 5204 (vector field Bx By Bz) electromagnets.

5503-TC Electromagnet  

Large Electromagnets, >0.65T at 260mm Gap

The Pole Face diameter can be up to 400mm maximum with a Pole Gap of up to 260mm maximum, configured for the specific application requirements.

Metrolab PT2026 and MFCTool Software release

Check out Metrolab’s downloads webpage for the most recent software release:

High Current Calibration Services

With over 25 years of calibration experience, GMW offers AC and DC NIST Traceable and/or ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited current calibration services for Current Transducers at our San Carlos, CA location and On-Site for minimal disruption of daily operations.

Calibration on NEW product is discounted 50%. Calibration on second, third, fourth, etc. NEW product is an additional 50% off.