GMW at MMM, Las Vegas, November 4-8, Booth 23

GMW will be exhibiting at the 2019 MMM conference in Las Vegas November 4-8. The exhibition runs from 8:15AM to 6:00 PM on Tuesday the 5th through Thursday the 7th. GMW is at Booth 23 and is again pleased to sponsor the Best Poster Award.

GMW will be showing projected field electromagnets providing open measurement probe access on samples from spintronic devices to biological samples with controllable field ranges up to +/-1.3 T (air cooling) and to +/-2 T (water cooling). A simple interchange of pole piece can be performed in a few minutes to match small area or larger area samples. The Model 5207 is optimized for perpendicular field with continuously adjustable pole for optimal position with respect to sample. The pole tip can be customized for specific geometries, including 4mm x  4mm array testing or individual devices with peak fields above 1.3T.

We will have the IECO BPS-85-70, 85V 70A true bipolar power supply on display. The supply is ideally matched for peak power operation of the 5207 Projected Field Electromagnet, as well as the Model 5405 dipole, with continuous operation to +/-4T at 3mm gap in in a package of less than 160kg, easily mounted to an optical table.

The Model 3480 is available in a conventional dipole geometry or with inclined Poles for open access. Ideal for optical table mounting, the 3480 generates >2T continuous field at 1cm gap with a mass of less than 35kg. Modified geometries are available, including the extended throat, allowing for an entire 300mm wafer to be measured at high fields without having to cut the wafer to pieces.

From Bartington Instruments 3-axis Helmholtz Coils for DC and AC environmental field correction and field generation for device and tool testing to fields >1mT and frequencies from dc to 5kHz. Also single- and three-axis fluxgate magnetometers for accurate low field measurement, environmental field correction and in arrays for magnetic source tracking.

From Senis, the 3MTS USB Teslameter, a digital 3-axis hall probe with 1mm thick flexible carbon fiber probe allowing field measurements close to surfaces of magnets or for permanent magnet mapping and magnet qualification. Measurement range is from +/-100mT to +/-3T.

Brian Richter, President and Yuqiang Qin, Sr. Applications Engineer, will be on the GMW booth.  Please stop by if you are in Las Vegas.