GMW Extends AC Electromagnet Capabilities with 3470HFAC High Frequency AC Magnet

GMW magnets are designed for DC operation and AC operation up to a few Hz and have been operated up to tens of Hz. GMW is now offering the higher frequency 3470HFAC system which operates up to 30 kHz. This new system is configured as a C-frame dipole and delivers field up to 70mT across a 35mm pole gap. The system has been used for neutron studies, and is also suited for Fine Particle studies . Full specifications can be found on the 3470HFAC Preliminary Datasheet.

GMW has also extended its line of projected field magnets, offering the original 5201 in-plane magnet, the 5203 projected vertical (perpendicular) field, 5205 vertical (perpendicular) field large area, low profile magnet, and 5204 projected 3-axis vector magnet to be completed late 2016. This complementary family of magnets serves many areas of spin dynamics whether the architecture is based on in-plane or out-of-plane spin, or if an AC or rotating field is required. Peak fields range from ±300mT for 5204 to ±0.8T for 5203. All 520x models allow for customized poles or pole tips to optimize peak field vs. uniform field area or for field shaping. 5204 is being offered as a central tool for FMR studies as it can provide both the DC bias field and the AC sweep with both the DC and AC components oriented in any direction. For higher projected fields to >2T, GMW offers a Projected Field High Temperature Superconducting magnet from HTS-110.

Additional magnets from HTS-110 include low-profile (height < 35mm) solenoids to ±3T, high-field large bore (54mm) solenoids to ±14T, and fast-ramp (360s + 40s dwell over 4 quadrants) dipole magnets to ±8T.