GMW Extends Project Field Electromagnet Capabilities

GMW has extended its range of projected field electromagnets to include higher fields, larger working areas and lower profile. The original 5201 projected field in-plane magnet is joined by the model 5203 projected vertical field magnet. This complementary pair serves many areas of spin dynamics whether the architecture is based on in-plane or out-of-plane spin. The 5203 allows for the easy extraction of the central pole and replacement with either a standard pole option or a customized pole solution. Fields up to 0.8T are achievable with Type D poles while field uniformity better than ±1% over a Ø5mm area can be achieved with a Type A pole. GMW now offers customized pole tip options for the model 5201 upon request.

A large test area option is now available in the model 5205 projected field magnet. Providing vertical fields up to 100mT, this magnet meets the important requirement that it is rated to operate continuously at temperatures up to 150°C. A variety of pole options are available for this magnet which allow for the selection of peak field, field uniformity and the elimination of radial field for areas up to Ø20mm.

The latest offering is the 5204 projected vector magnet. This magnet offers field of any orientation over a working volume of 1mm^3 located 5mm above the top surface of the magnet. Arbitrary field profiles that vary in spatial orientation and time are available allowing for the collection of previously unavailable data.

GMW has also extended its range of uniform field magnets. The original models 5451 and 5452 Helmholtz magnets are now extended to the model 5453 Shielded Helmholtz electromagnet. This magnet provides higher field (0.25T) and improved uniformity (<100ppm over 40mm DSV). The magnet incorporates a magnetic circuit which protects the inner working volume from external fields while minimizing external fringe field.