GMW introduces new magnetic field sensors products at Sensors Expo

At Sensors Expo, June 11-13, 2007 Rosemont, IL, Booth 406, GMW will be showing magnetic field sensors that are particularly suited for non-contact measurement of:

Machine Condition: The Ametes MFS-3A is a high-sensitivity, three-axis, Magnetic Field Sensor with linear analog outputs for Bx, By, and Bz. With a bandwidth if dc to 100kHz, the MFS-3A can be located outside electric motors, generators, transformers, or actuators to monitor the external magnetic field magnitude and or frequency components. These parameters will change with electrical or mechanical loading to give an isolated, non-contact indication of the “machine condition” in a manner analogous to vibration monitoring of rotating machinery.

Electric Current: The Sentron CSA-1V is a high-sensitivity, high-stability, linear Hall-effect IC with magnetic field sensitivity in the plane of the device and frequency response dc to 100kHz. These features enable the CSA-1V to be used as a compact, low cost current sensor, particularly for circuit protection applications. It can be mounted directly over a current trace on a PCB or on the surface of a high current bus bar. GMW offer Engineering Kits to cover full-scale current range from 250mA to 4000A Ametes CS Current Sensors are available with high-sensitivities of 10V/A, 1V/A, and 0.25V/A. High voltage isolation of 5kV is achieved by mounting the CSA-1V to measure the magnetic field inside a small coil carrying the primary current.

Rotation Angle: With no programming and no calibration requirement the Asahi Kasei EM3241 provides a linear, analog output directly related to the angle of the magnetic field in the plane of the device. High magnetic sensitivity field sensitivity enables the use of small, low-cost permanent magnets for angle sensor or rotation sensing with better than 0.7° angle resolution over a full 360° at rotation speeds well in excess of 200Hz (12000rpm). Very small size (3.6 x 3.0 x 0.95mm) and a low-power sleep mode (<1µA) suggest the EM2341 will enable new portable and wireless applications.