GMW is at AMEREM 2018, Santa Barbara, August 27-31

GMW will be exhibiting at Amerem 2018 in Santa Barbara. The exhibition runs from Tuesday August 28th through Friday the 31st – GMW will be in Booth #4.

Richard Leonard from Pulsed Power & Measurement (PPM) will be with Brian Richter. We will be showing:

  • Sentinel3 Multichannel Analog Signal Fiber Optic Link with adjustable input signal gain, temperature compensation and frequency response up to 3GHz enables accurate time domain and frequency domain measurements. A long-life Battery that can be recharged from the main chassis allows for long-life testing of High Power Electromagnetics.  Single and 8-channel Shielded Transmitters and multichannel Receivers provide for up to 288 channels to be monitored from a single chassis. Applications include low level swept current and frequency for aircraft and MIL-STD-188-125 testing.
  • point2point (p2p) Single Analog Signal Channel Fiber Optic Links come in AC or DC-coupled versions, with bandwidth from DC-40MHz and to 3GHz for AC coupled links. Compact, EMP-Shielded enclosures allow for high e-field gradient applications. Remote control of Battery power On/Off is possible, allowing for single shot measurements to be set up well in advance. p2p links have been used extensively for MIL-STD-461-RS105.

From Bartington Instruments, we will show:

And from PEM:

  • Rogowski Coil AC Current Probes for pulsed current measurement to over 1MA for applications in lightning testing and power system transients. A new version of the CWTMini50HF with frequency response to 50MHz (~12.5ns risetime) is now available.

If you are in Santa Barbara for AMEREM, please stop by.