GMW is at Booth 414 of the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, Baltimore, Sep 27 to Oct 4, 2019

GMW is at Booth 414 of the Exhibit at IEEE ECCE in Baltimore. The Exhibit is open Monday September, 30 from 4pm to 7:30pm and Tuesday from 11am to 5:30pm. Expo only Entry is available at No Charge.

We will be showing Magnetic Field and Electric Current Sensors and Measurement Instruments from:

  • AKM: PCB Mounting Current Sensors with Analog Signal Output, 3.3V or 5V rail voltage, peak current ranges from +/-8.5A to +/-180A, response time down to 0.5us and dc up to 1.5MHz frequency response.
  • Senis: Linear Output Hall Magnetic Sensor selectable magnetic field ranges from +/-4mT to +/-500mT changeable within <0.1ms. We will be demonstrating the possibility of using this Sensor mounted on a Bus Bar as the basis of a coreless, open-loop, Current Sensor for very high peak currents with a dynamic range of 500,000 and frequency response from dc to 500kHz.
  • GMW Clip-On Current Probes with analog signal output, full-scale ranges of +/-250A to +/-2000A and frequency response from dc to 75kHz. The very small size, low mass and moisture resistance makes these Probes convenient for use with Scopes or Data Loggers in the Lab or in Vehicles.
  • GMW CPCO Current Probes, Clamp-On with large 77mm or 160mm apertures, current ranges from +/-500A to +/-16kA, dc to 40kHz frequency response and voltage or current signal output enable the installation of isolated current monitoring without cable or bus bar disassembly in industrial, transport, utility, and mining applications.
  • DaniSense Fluxgate based Current Transducers¬†with dc to 100kHz frequency response and full-scale ranges to +/-10kA provide very high absolute accuracy, resolution and stability for precision Current Source/Load Systems and Test Cell measurements of Batteries, Chargers and Power Converters.
  • PEM Clip-around, Flexible Rogowski Coil AC Current Probes with matched Analog Integrator are available with frequency response from <1Hz to 50MHz, full scale current ranges for 30A to 300kA and a wide range of Coil dimensions to enable isolated current measurements on switching devices and ac power systems. The Integrator frequency response can be optimized for special measurements such as high frequency Common Mode Currents from Variable Speed Motor Drives or 85kHz Inductive Power Transfer Coil current.
  • Senis 3DACMT-1 Three-Component AC Magnetic Field Probe with a small, 10x10x10mm, Probe for mapping the magnetic fields between and around Inductive Power Transfer Coils. The Probe provides simultaneous Analog Outputs for Bx, By, Bz, with a full-scale field range of +/- 10mT, field resolution of 1.5uTrms, and frequency response from 10kHz to 200kHz, optimized for amplitude and phase accuracy at 85kHz.

Ian Walker and Ben Hartzell will be at the GMW Booth. Please stop by if you are attending ECCE; we would like to get an update on your work and review what is new from GMW.