Visit GMW at Magnetics / Motor & Drive Systems Conferences, Orlando, FL February 11-12

GMW will be exhibiting and presenting at the co-located Magnetics and Motor & Drive Systems Conferences in Orlando, Florida on February 11 and 12.

We will be featuring Magnetic Field Mapping for permanent magnets and motor assemblies. In our presentations and on display at our booth will be:

We will also be displaying Current Measurement for Motor Drives, including:

  • Low Noise, Coreless Hall-effect “Currentier™” Current Sensor ICs  for PCB mounting from AKM Semiconductor, with current measurement ranges from ±5A to ±180A, typical accuracy of ±0.5% (Ta 0 ~ 90°C) and frequency response from dc up to 1GHz.
  • CPCO and CPC Clip-on / Clamp-on Current Probes with current ranges from ±250A to ±16000A and frequency response from dc to 75kHz (-3dB).
  • Clip-around, Rogowksi Coils AC Current Probes from PEM, with Coil cross-section down to 1.6mm and Coil lengths to many meters with full-scale current ranges from 30A to 1MA. Also available from PEM are the CMC Common Mode Current Probes with a frequency response tailored to reject the nominal VSD motor current frequencies but have high sensitivity in the high frequency common mode current region.
  • IPCT Zero-Flux DC Current Transducers from Bergoz Instrumentation with ranges from ±10mA to ±5A full-scale. The IPCT features a large 82mm (3.2”) aperture, dc to 4kHz frequency response and current resolution to 10uArms and can be used for dc or ac, differential or leakage current measurements on complete cables for ac-dc chargers, PV to dc battery storage, variable speed drive to motor assemblies.
  • DC/AC Fluxgate Current Transducers from Danisense, with very high resolution and accuracy, wide dynamic range with full-scale current ranges to 10kA and dc to 500kHz(-3dB) for motor drive efficiency measurements using power analyzers or high-resolution data loggers.

Phil Keller and Dr. Antoine Daridon of Metrolab Technology will be joining Dr. Zhen Xu, Ian Walker and myself at Booth 100. Additionally, I invite you to intend Phil Keller’s presentation on Advances in MR Magnetometers on Tuesday, Feb 11 at 4:05 pm. If you are attending the conference, please stop by detailed product and applications discussions.