GMW is Exhibiting at International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC), Vancouver, April 29th – May 2nd

GMW will be exhibiting at IPAC18 in Vancouver, Canada. The conference opens with a reception Sunday Evening April 29th in the Exhibit Hall. The exhibition remains open all day Monday through Wednesday.  GMW is in booth 703. Metrolab Technology will have the booth adjacent, number 701. For details see:

GMW will be showing:

  • From Bergoz Instrumentation, accelerator beam diagnostics for beam current, position and profile. Featured is the new CWCT and BCM-CW for measurement of the average current of CW or macropulse beams up to 500MHz RF with resolution <1uA and dc to 100kHz output bandwidth independent of bunch shape/width. The CWCT is ideally suited to sub-relativistic proton/ion beams, to measure loss along the accelerating path.
  • From Bartington Instruments, Cryogenic Fluxgates for magnetic field monitoring in cryocavities, as well as  3-axis room temperature Fluxgates for environmental field measurements with mG resolution and response from DC to 12kHz.
  • From Danisense, very high accuracy, ultra-stable, DC Current Transducers from 20A to 12kA with optional built in full-scale calibration windings and options for current or voltage output.
  • From GMW, clamp-on current probes for currents from 250A to 16kA. Frequency from DC up to 75kHz and accuracy of +/-1% are suitable for redundant dc or ac current monitoring or troubleshooting of magnet power supply outputs.
  • From Group3, sub-mG resolution digital magnetic field probes for DC fields with electrical and fiber optic outputs. Calibrated probes to 9T are available.
  • From HTS-110, High Temperature Current leads for superconducting magnet applications.
  • From PPM, DC-40MHz DC-coupled and 40Hz to 3GHz AC coupled fiber optic links for signal transmission and EM immunity and/or isolation.
  • From Senis, single and three-axis analog Hall probes in a wide range of geometries. Also from Senis, the NV1 Nanovoltmeter, suitable for stretched wire and rotating coil output measurements, particularly for fringe field end-effects.

Tom Delaviere from Bergoz Instrumentation will be with Brian Richter from GMW. Philip Keller from Metrolab will be showing their range of NMR and Hall Measurement Instrumentation as well as Precision Digital Integrators in the adjacent booth. Both new NMR and Hall arrays for precision mapping will be shown.

If you are in Vancouver, we hope to see you at IPAC18.