GMW is Exhibiting at the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress, ECCE, Portland, OR, September 24-27 2018

The IEEE Energy Conversion Congress is at the Oregon Convention Center from Monday through Thursday, September 24 to 27. GMW is at Booth 403 in the associated Exhibit.

GMW will be showing Sensors, Probes and Instruments for the galvanically isolated measurement and control of electric current from uA to MA and dc to over 1GHz frequency response. We will be introducing new products:

  • AKM Semiconductor CZ370X pcb mounting Analog Current Sensors with peak current ranges of ±5A to ±180A, 5V Power Supply, +2.5V ±2V Linear Differential and Ratiometric Output Signal,  Response Time of 1us, dc to 400kHz (-3dB) Frequency Response, 1% accuracy, -40 to +105C Operating Temperature, 3kV Voltage Isolation, External Magnetic Field and dV/dt Rejection. These features are all available in a 12.7 x 10.9 x 2.25mm surface mount package for demanding switch mode applications like Variable Speed Motor Drives.
  • DaniSense DM1200ID Fluxgate based, Closed-Loop (Zero-Flux) Current Transducer with ±1500 Peak Current, 1us Response Time, dc to 300kHz (-3dB) Frequency Response, ±7ppm Absolute Accuracy at DC, 45mm aperture. The DM1200 is appropriate for high accuracy current control of dc and ac current sources or sinks and high accuracy power analyzer measurements.
  • PEM CWTMini50HF Clip-Around, Flexible Rogowski Coil AC Analog Current Probe available in ±600A and ±1200A Peak Primary Current with ±6V signal output. This adds to the popular CWT Mini AC Current Probes to provide; Frequency Response to 50MHz(-3dB), 12.5ns Rise Time, up to 80kA/us Slew Rate, 100mm long Coil with 3.5mm Cross-section including an Electrostatic Screen for dV/dt rejection.

Ian Walker will be there with Ben Hartzell. If you are attending ECCE, Portland please stop by, we would like to take the opportunity to catch-up.