GMW is Exhibiting at the joint Magnetics, Motor and Drive Systems, Orlando, FL January 22 to 24, 2019

GMW is exhibiting at the joint Magnetics, Motor and Drive Systems Conferences in Orlando from January 22 to 24, 2019. We will be at booth 308, featuring Magnetic Field Measuring and Mapping Sensors and Instruments, Current Sensors and high accuracy Current Probes and Transducers.

  • AKM EQ Linear Field Sensors have the highest Signal-to-Noise available for integration into position sensors and open-loop current transducers. SMD, PCB mounting, CQ and CZ Current Sensors are available with peak current ranges from +/-5A to +/-180A, frequency response from dc up to 1MHz, 1us delay time and better than 0.1% of full-scale resolution.
  • Metrolab MV2 Three-Component Hall effect Magnetic Field Sensor IC has analog and SPI digital outputs for Bx, By, Bz with full-scale ranges configurable from +/-0.1T to +/-30T, digital resolution to 16-bit and frequency response from dc up to 50kHz.
  • Metrolab 2026 NMR Teslameter for very high accuracy magnetic field calibration and mapping measures total field amplitude, B, from 0.038T to 30.0T. Sensor Array Probes can be configured to map uniform field MRI and Spectrometer Magnets to better than 0.1ppm relative accuracy.
  • Senis F3A Three-Component Analog Transducers have a +/-10V output signal for full-scale field ranges from +/-20mT to +/-20T with +/-0.1% accuracy and frequency response from dc to 25kHz. The very small measuring “point” of about 0.15×0.15×0.01mm enables the F3A Sensor IC to be used in the Senis MMS Magnetic Field Mappers for precision mapping of electromagnets and permanent magnet arrays for motors, generators and actuators. Remo Ughini from Senis will give a presentation on the new Senis Digital Teslameter using a similar Three-Component IC for field component and total field measurement with a resolution of 2ppm of full-scale range selectable up to +/-30T.
  • Senis NVM-01 NanoVolt Amplifier for high sensitivity, high accuracy flux change measurement has voltage input ranges from +/-10uV to +/-250uV, 4nVrms equivalent noise and dc up to 40Hz bandwidth.
  • PEM Clip-Around, Rogowski Coils with matched Analog Integrator AC Current Probes provide an analog signal proportional to primary current with frequency response to 50MHz, full-scale current ranges from +/-30A, for switch-mode and switching device current waveform measurements and much lower insertion impedance than magnetic core Scope Probes. Coil cross-sections as small as 1.6mm enable Probe installation on device leads without lead extensions. The frequency response of the Integrator can be tailored to the frequency of interest. For example, the CMC Common-Mode Current Probes have a frequency response from 1.9kHz to 14MHz to measure common-mode motor currents arising from the voltage spikes generated by the switching in Variable Speed Drives with low sensitivity to the fundamental motor drive currents.
  • DaniSense Fluxgate-based Current Transducers are available for very high absolute accuracy current control of current sources or current measurement in efficiency test stands, with full-scale currents from +/-50A to +/-10kA, equivalent primary current noise <1ppm, absolute amplitude accuracy better than 0.01% and phase accuracy better than 0.03 degree from dc to 2kHz.
  • GMW CPC Current Probe Clips and CPCO Clamp-On Current Probes enable reliable diagnostic and condition monitoring current measurements in test stands, vehicles and power distribution without cable or busbar disconnection. Full-scale current ranges are from +/-250A to +/-16kA with frequency response from dc up to 85kHz and operating temperature from -40C up to 100C.

Phil Keller from Metrolab, Remo Ughini from Senis, Ian Walker and Sandro Renteria from GMW will be at the GMW Booth. If you are attending, we look forward to catching up.