GMW is exhibiting at the North American Particle Accelerator Conference in Albuquerque, NM August 8-11

New this year from Bergoz Instrumentation is a new high resolution version of the CWCT first introduced in 2018. The CWCT is well adapted for the cyclotron beams average current measurements. Yet, when few microamperes or hundreds nanoamperes beam needs to be measured, its resolution is not good enough. To break this barrier, the Low Current module (LC), a shielded front-end electronics consisting of a Low-Noise Amplifier and specially tuned filters, has been developed within Bergoz Instrumentation R&D department. It is attached directly to the sensor to avoid catching noise from the environment. Initial test results from AGOR Cyclotron show resolution to 5nA rms on 3.5ms risetime pulse and 40nA rms on 35uS pulse.

Brian Richter (President) is on the stand at NAPAC and happy to discuss GMW’s suite of Instrumentation for Accelerator Applications. Please reach out to Brian if you’d like to set a time in advance to meet.

GMW will be exhibiting:

Bergoz High Sensitivity Current Transducers 

Danisense DC/AC High Precision Current Transducers 

Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometer, 3-Axis

GMW Clamp-on DC/AC Current Probes

Group3 Digital Teslameter, 1- and 3-axis

Senis Magnetic Field Transducers, 3-Axis

PPM p2p Analog Fiber Optic Links

HTS-110 Current Leads

Metrolab Digital NMR Teslameter PT2026