GMW is presenting on June 22 at the IEEE Transport Electrification Conference (ITEC)

GMW will present two Industry Sessions on June 22 at the IEEE Transport Electrification Conference (ITEC).

Tuesday, June 22 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Clip-on and Clamp-on Current Probes with Analog Signal Output for Test Stand and In-Vehicle Current Monitoring
Presented by: Ian J. Walker – Senior Applications Engineer, GMW Associates,

GMW Clip-on and Clamp-on “Coreless” Current Probes are available with apertures of 27mm, 77mm and 160mm, full-scale current ranges from +/-250A to +/-16kA, and frequency response from dc to 75kHz. They are small cross-section, light-weight, moisture, ice and vibration resistant with an operating temperature range of -40C to +100C. They have no magnetic core eliminating magnetic hysteresis and ringing artifacts. During a primary current overload the output signal electrically limits with the correct sign and then outputs the correct signal within 10us of the current recovering within the Probe nominal current range. The Probes are undamaged by any current overload for any period of time. The Signal and Power Cable disconnects from the Probe enabling it to be threaded through a small aperture in a firewall or protection barrier to the monitoring Data Logger or Scope.

Tuesday, June 22 at 1:45pm EDT / 10:45am PDT

Current Measurement for Electric Vehicle Charger Test
Presented by: Ben Hartzell – VP Marketing,

GMW will provide a brief overview of test instrumentation for current control and metering in vehicle battery and charting systems. We will compare and contrast:

  • Fluxgate-based DC/AC current transducers for high accuracy and resolution measurements;
  • Clip-around Rogowski coils with matching analog integrator for ac current measurements from a few Hz to 50Mhz, and can be optimized for accuracy and resolution at a specific frequency;
  • Light weight clip-on and clamp-on DC/AC probes suitable for in vehicle tests, both in motion and in climate test chambers;
  • 3-component magnetic field probe for measurement and mapping wireless Inductive Power Transfer systems.

If you are attending the conference, please add these sessions to your calendar and please stop by our virtual booth to discuss.

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