GMW Magnets and Magnetic Field Instrumentation at the APS March Meeting March 14-18

GMW is Exhibiting at the American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting in Chicago, IL from March 14 to 18. Tom King (Lead Magnet Scientist) and Yuqiang Qin (Senior Applications Engineer) will be at GMW Booth 228.

GMW is excited to offer a new product line of precise, compact, tunable permanent magnets from Elemental Instruments for fields to ±0.35 Tesla and ±2.5% homogeneity over 10mm2. Applications for these new permanent magnets include: magnetic material characterization, wafer testing, spintronics, NMR, magnetic field control in research laboratories and more.

Continuing developments from GMW include:

  • Benchtop High Uniformity Electromagnets. These Magnet Systems are designed and manufactured to optimize the uniform field volume at a specified field and gap, for improved Spectroscopy and imaging performance, particularly with smaller Electromagnets and Power Supplies. Group3 High Precision Digital Probes can be used for closed-loop control with mG resolution and traceable calibration to 12T.
  • IECO BPS-40-100 Bipolar Power Supply. The BPS-40-100 is a high performance true 4-quadrant bipolar power supply with ±40V, ±100A output. When matched with the GMW 5203 Vertical Projected Field Electromagnet, the BPS-40-100 allows full excitation of the electromagnet to 100A. Depending on which pole style is used in the magnet, the resulting magnetic field at 4mm above the surface of the electromagnet ranges >0.8T at a single point to >0.53T over a 4mm, 1% uniformity disc
  • GMW Projected Field Electromagnets, now including the projected 3-axis vector 5204, can be integrated to multiple vendors probe stations, including with Celadon Systems VersaCore Probe Cards. A recording of GMW’s joint Webinar with Celadon Systems can be viewed here.
  • GMW have also expanded our line of large gap electromagnets for applications requiring in-plane fields over entire wafers or to accommodate equipment requiring large volumes such as furnaces, vacuum chambers or cryostats. The Model 5503 is C-Frame magnet to allow for open access to samples and is now available with coils rated to in excess of 200A, allowing for fields over 1T at large gap.