INTERMAG 2020 Virtual Expo

In place of the cancelled International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG), GMW invites you to view our Virtual Exhibition at your convenience. Our experts in Electromagnets, Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Field Measurement look forward to speaking with you!

Tom King, PhD, Lead Magnet Scientist. Topic Interests: MRAM Test, Production and R&D, Spintronics, Quantum Computing, NV.

Yuqiang Qin, Senior Applications Engineer, Magnet Systems. Topic Interests: Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording, Magnetic Field Sensors, STT-MRAM and Related Devices, Biomedical Diagnostics and Therapy.

Zhen Xu, PhD, Magnetic Instrumentation Scientist.  Topic Interests: Low & High Field Magnetometry Applications and Calibration, Precise DC and AC Magnet Material Characterization and Application, Spintronics Material Design and Test, Precise Low Frequency Electromagnetic Test System Design.

Visit our Virtual Expo here