In place of the cancelled International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG), GMW invites you to view our Virtual Exhibition at your convenience. Our experts in Electromagnets, Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Field Measurement look forward to speaking with you!

Tom King

Tom King, PhD

Lead Magnet Scientist

Topic Interests: MRAM Test, Production and R&D, Spintronics, Quantum Computing, NV

Yuqiang Qin

Yuqiang Qin

Senior Applications Engineer, Magnet Systems

Topic Interests: Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording, Magnetic Field Sensors, STT-MRAM and Related Devices, Biomedical Diagnostics and Therapy

Zhen Xu

Zhen Xu, PhD

Magnetic Instrumentation Scientist

Topic Interests: Low & High Field Magnetometry Applications and Calibration, Precise DC and AC Magnet Material Characterization and Application, Spintronics Material Design and Test, Precise Low Frequency Electromagnetic Test System Design

Electromagnet and Probe Station Integration

GMW 5207 Projected Field Electromagnet and Probe Station Integration to optimize the performance of the combined electromagnet and probe card.

  • 5207 Electromagnet with custom Magnetic Pole Extender integrated with a Celadon Non-Ferrous VersaCore™
  • Peak Field, Continuous (35A): >1.3T
  • Peak Field, Triangle (60A): >2T
  • Single device or 4 x 4mm whole array testing
  • Celadon cards are compatible with any probe station

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Projected Field Electromagnets

GMW Projected Field Electromagnets for Vertical, Horizontal or Vector Projected Field

  • 5201 Horizontal Projected Field – In-plane field to 0.35T at z-height 2mm
  • 5203 Vetical Projected Field – Perpendicular field to 0.5T at z-height 5mm
  • 5204 Vector Projected Field – Projected vector field to 0.3T, up to 200Hz operation
  • 5205 Vertical Projected Field – Perpendicular field to 50mT at z-height 5mm
  • 5207 Vertical Projected Field – Perpendicular field to 1.5T at z-height 2mm

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High Uniformity Vector Field Electromagnet

The GMW 5601 High Uniformity Vector Field Electromagnet provides Helmholtz levels of field uniformity in a magnetically shielded volume, with preliminary specifications for a 40mm aperture to accommodate standard cryostat and optical access. The design can be scaled up or down for larger or smaller uniform field volumes, and we encourage feedback for future requirements.

Under development, inquire for details.

Shielded Helmholtz Coil

GMW 5453 Shielded Helmholtz Coil

The Model 5453 Helmholtz Coil Electromagnet is a single axis coil pair arranged in Helmholtz geometry to give a relatively large volume of high uniformity magnetic field. The shielded enclosure allows increased maximum field and limits fringe fields to very low compared to traditional “open” Helmholtz coil.

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3-Axis Helmholtz Coil Systems

Bartington 3-Axis Helmholtz Systems generate a magnetic field of known frequency and intensity from a standard single phase AC mains supply. A mounting table is provided to hold the test item inside the homogeneity volume.

The CU1 Control Unit interfaces with a National Instruments control system, controlling the entire system through LabVIEW based PC software.


  • Calibration of 3-axis magnetic field sensors
  • Cancellation of magnetic fields
  • Creation of a known magnetic environment

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Digital NMR Teslameters

Metrolab PT2026 Digital NMR Teslameter sets new standards for magnetometers based on NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), the most precise technique for measuring magnetic flux density. The combination of a pulsed-wave NMR detector and advanced signal processing opens a host of new applications in the areas of magnetic field measurement, monitoring, mapping and calibration

  • 33Hz NMR measurement acquisition rate. Measurement accuracy is not traded off against measurement speed.
  • Extended range and unbeatable precision. Measure magnetic fields from 38MT to >30T at a precision of 10ppb, with the use of pulsed-wave NMR detection.
  • High tolerance to field gradient. Robust system capable of searching and detecting the NMR signal in a gradient of 1.35mT/cm in a 1T field (1350ppm/cm).


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Digital USB Teslameters / Gaussmeters

Metrolab THM1176 and Senis 3MTS digital USB teslameters / gaussmeters connect to a tablet, laptop or desktop PC for DC and AC (to 1kHz) Magnetic Field Measurement with ranges from 100μT to >14T. Each comes with software for Bx, By, Bz and Btotal measurments, max / min holds, alert thresholds and other features. The THM1176 includes FFT analysis.


  • Testing of medical devices and monitors for MRI compatibilit
  • Safety control in an MRI environment e.g. 5 Gauss line mapping
  • Permanent magnet QC
  • Mapping of magnet fringing field contours
  • Evaluating magnetic shielding effectiveness
  • Magnetic remanence mapping
  • Magnetic particle inspection waveforms
  • Compliance with IATA regulations for magnet shipments


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