(Photo credit: Sandia National Labs, Z-Pinch Accelerator/Randy Montoya)

In place of the cancelled International Power Modulator and High Voltage (IPMHVC) conference, GMW invites you to view our Virtual Exhibition at your convenience. Our experts in RF over Fiber-Optic Links and Voltage Isolated High Current Measurement are available for consultation and discussion.

Brian Richter

Brian Richter

President, GMW Associates

Phil Surman

Phil Surman

Phil Surman, Sales Director, PPM

Sentinel 3 Intelligent Fiber Optic Links

Sentinel 3 is the world’s most advanced RF over fiber test and measurement system for:

  • EMP test and EMC conformance
  • HIRF aircraft clearance
  • Simulated lightning testing
  • Impulse, time domain and NEMP testing
  • Low and high level swept frequency coupling measurements
New: PPM Test has announced a National Instruments certified LabVIEW driver for their EMP/EMC conformance test and measurement ‘Sentinel 3’ system.

Sentinel 3 users can quickly create an application to control Sentinel 3 within the LabVIEW environment. They can create repeatable and consistent tests that improve data accuracy by removing the need for manual processing and, in turn, save time. Further, LabVIEW allows users to select the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and temperature compensation, as well as sync the clock with a PC.


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point2point Fiber Optic Links

Point2point links are fixed gain, analogue signal transmission systems – solving electrical interference and signal attenuation problems in signal monitoring and distribution.

  • High performance analogue system
  • Solves the problem of electrical interference
  • High voltage isolation

CWT Clip-on AC Rogowski Current Probes

PEM CWT Clip-on AC Current Probes have frequency response recently extended to 50MHz (7ns rise-time), current ranges to over +/-1MA and Coil lengths to over 30m. Applications range from ac power measurements, through power semiconductor switching waveform characterization to lightning current discharge monitoring. The MiniHF versions include electrostatic shielding of the Rogowski Coil to reduce capacitive coupling from very high dV/dt on the primary conductor and extend the frequency response to 50MHz.

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FCT AC Current Transformers

The Bergoz FCT Fast Current Transformer complies with MIL-STD-188/125, standards for high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) hardening of fixed and transportable ground-based facilities which perform critical, time-urgent command, control, communications, computer, and intelligence (C41) functions.

  • Surge current waveforms in EMI/EMC analysis
  • Capacitive discharge pulses
  • Current rise in semiconductor gates, triggers
  • Pulsed beams in particle accelerators
  • Partial discharge pulses from corona wires, in insulation defects
  • Pulsed beams in particle accelerators

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CT AC Current Transformers

MagneLab CT Current Transformers offer the measurement of currents from mirco-amps to 20kA, at frequencies ranging from 0.5Hz to 500MHz.

  • High frequency lightning ballast measurements
  • Laser and Plasma research
  • EMC and EMI research
  • Power systems efficiency measurements, harmonic and transient
  • Lightning research and simulation testing
  • Capacitor and electrostatic discharge
  • Corona wire discharge
  • Partial Discharge measurement

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