Ultra Low Noise Fluxgate Magnetomers

Bartingtonā€™s range of fluxgate sensor is seeing the introduction (re-introduction) of its lowest noise sensor yet at less than 4pT rms/sqrt(Hz) at 1Hz. This is the lowest level of noise available on a commercial fluxgate sensor, and combined with test coil facility, temperature sensor and environmentally sealed or submersible enclosure, make these sensors ideal for detection of very small field changes from the lab to the outdoors.

For a remote meeting to discuss, please contact Ludovic Letourneur, PhD (Senior Applications Engineer) via email at ludo@gmw.com or call +1-650-282-2340 between 5am and 3pm PDT.


The extremely low noise level of the sensor will be of particular use to:

  • Monitor low amplitude field variation:
    • In marine environments(improving boat magnetic signature)
    • On land for geophysics exploration.
  • In the lab, characterize extremely small field variations in magnetic shields whether for quantum computing or particle physics.

Standard Packages

  • Square (MSZ)
  • Cylindrical, Submersible (MCDZ)
  • Unpackaged (UZ)

Additional Information