Metrolab launches the PT-2026 NMR Teslameter (Gaussmeters)

GMW is pleased to announce the PT-2026 NMR Teslameter (Gaussmeters) from Metrolab Technology, the successor to the industry standard PT-2025. Probes are presently available for fields from 0.19T to 22.8T. Details can be seen at:

The PT-2026 allows for measurements with significantly improved resolution than the PT-2025. The PT2026’s precision is due both to a pulsed-wave (PW) NMR detector and to advanced signal processing. Improved resolution is achieved by eliminating deuterium samples for fields below 12T. At 3T fields, resolution of the PT-2026 with proton 1226 series probe is over 100x better than that of the 2025 with 1062-6 deuterium probe. Even with proton probes, the 2026 is over 10x better at 1.5T. This improvement will allow for shorter measurement periods for magnet field decay measurements for MRI – all with a single probe capable of measuring at both 1.5T and 3T.

An integrated 3-axis hall sensor mounted in the probe head allows for faster locking by nearly a factor of ten, limiting the (relatively slow, compared to Hall effect) NMR search to fields very close to field of interest rather than the entire range of the probe. The PT-2026 allows measurement accuracy resolution to be traded off against measurement speed, and allows measurement rates of up to 33 Hz, instead of the PT-2025’s 1 Hz.

Additionally, the PT-2026 can measure in fields with roughly twice the inhomogeneity as the PT-2025.

The PT-2026 provides USB and Ethernet interfaces, and supports the industry-standard USBTMC/USB488 and VXI-11 protocols. LabVIEW Drivers are included, allowing for customization of applications.

The PT-2026’s trigger-in capability allows for triggering a magnetic-field measurement at a precise moment in time. Alternatively, trigger-out allows triggering of another instrument when the field reaches a given value.