MMM 2020 Virtual Conference, November 2-6

GMW is Exhibiting at the MMM 2020 Virtual Conference, November 2-6. Tom King, Ph.D., Lead Magnet Scientist, and Brian Richter, President, will be available for virtual discussions throughout the conference.
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Recent developments from GMW include 5601 High Uniformity Vector Field Electromagnet, 3480 Dipole Electromagnet with 2D Field Insert, and GMW Projected Field Electromagnets with Celadon Systems VersaCore Probe Cards. GMW recently conducted a webinar with Celadon Systems on these integrations: click here to view. Please inquire if interested in any of these developments.

We offer Electromagnet Systems for magnetic material, thin film, and spintronics studies including the Miniature Projected Field Electromagnet family of: 5201 for in-plane fields; 5203 for vertical fields; 5204 for true 3-axis vector field; 5205 series for larger volume, modest vertical fields; and 5207 for vertical fields to +/-1T.

Dipole Electromagnets for FMR applications and full-wafer test are available with fields to +/-2T and true bipolar operation, along with HTS-110 Compact Electromagnets including Short Solenoids to +/-3T and Projected Field magnets to +/- 2T. Additionally, we now offer High Uniformity Poles for most of our dipole magnets, enabling Spectroscopy and table-top imaging. For these and Metrology Applications, Group3 High Precision Digital Probes can be used for closed-loop control with mG resolution and traceable calibration to 12T.

Additionally we offer Bartington 3-axis AC/DC Helmholtz Coil Systems for sensor calibration, active magnetic field cancellation, or creating a known magnetic environment.

We also offer One- and Three-component Magnetic Sensors, Transducers and Field Mappers, including: Metrolab THM1176/1186 Three-Component Magnetic Field Probes with USB Interface and LabView software, full-scale, calibrated ranges of +/-100uT, +/-8mT, +/-3T and +/-14T; Senis One-, Two and Three-Component Hall Transducers with analog output, full-scale field ranges to +/-20T and frequency response from dc to 75kHz that can be used stand-alone or in Senis Magnetic Field Mapping Systems; and the Senis 3MTS hand-held USB 3-axis Teslameter, calibrated to 2T.