GMW to show New Developments in Projected Field Electromagnets at IEEE IEDM, Dec 7-11, San Francisco

GMW will be exhibiting at the upcoming IEDM Conference, December 7-11, held at the Hilton Hotel, Union Square, San Francisco. We will be exhibiting Monday through Wednesday, as well as attending the Magnetics Society MRAM events: MRAM Poster Session on Wednesday, and the MRAM Global Innovation Forum on Thursday.

GMW has developed integrated solutions with probe card manufacturers in order to optimize the performance of the combined electromagnet and probe card. An example of this integration will be on display at the Exhibition. This illustrates the mating of the GMW 5207 electromagnet (details below) with the Celadon Non-Ferrous VersaCore™. In this configuration device testing up to 1.0 Tesla is possible, and 4x4mm whole array simultaneous testing up to 0.85 Tesla. The Celadon cards are compatible with any probe station.

The most recent development in Projected Field Electromagnets now in the field is the model 5207, optimized for perpendicular field with continuously adjustable pole for optimal position with respect to device under test. The pole tip can be customized for specific geometries. The 5207 can also be easily configured (and changed in field) from series to parallel coil connections, allowing for use with a wide range of supplies. A range of bipolar power supplies are available to provide required waveforms; continuous, pulsed, triangle and sinusoid, with options for very fast ramping with higher voltage power supplies.

The 5207 may be configured for parallel operation up to 70A. With lower resistance and inductance very fast ramping can be achieved. This mode of operation is matched to the BPS-85-70-EC which we will have on display. This supply is bipolar and true 4-quadrant allowing for fast ramp to peak fields up to 2.0T for short duration pulses.

Similar techniques are available for the 5203, now with significant installation base and integrated into many commercial probe stations.

GMW will have models of the complete line of Projected Field Electromagnet Systems, and detailed specifications on the BPS power supply and “traditional” GMW dipoles, with first results for the new Model 3483 H-Frame dipole. Options on the compact model 3480 dipole continue to expand, including inclined poles for open access, or modified yoke geometries including the extended throat, allowing for an entire 300mm wafer to be measured at high fields without having to cut the wafer to pieces.