New High Temperature and Low Noise Bartington Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetic Field Sensors from GMW

Bartington Instruments has released several high resolution 3-axis fluxgate magnetic sensors over the past year.

The MAG-13 is the next generation of 3-axis fluxgates, adding to the low noise MAG-03 line. The MAG-13 features a common origin for the three field components to improve mapping and calculation accuracy. The MAG-13 also the “z” range of ultra-low noise, <4pTrms/√Hz for the 1G and 0.6G ranges.  A deep submersible version able to withstand depths of 5km (IP68 enclosure) has been delivered and tested. The MAG-13MSL100 can be also be offered with NPL-certified calibration, allowing its use for metrology applications.

The MAG-13MSL100 also serves as the reference fluxgate for Bartington Triaxial Helmholtz Coil systems, with HC1-3 (0.5m inner diameter) and HC2-3 (1m inner diameter) systems available as standard.  The complete system of coils, PA1 amplifier and CU1 control unit, allows for fluxgate or other sensor calibration at DC (to +/-5G on each axis) and to frequencies as high as 5kHz (+/-1G on each axis). The system features very high orthogonality of better than 0.05 degree through electronic adjustment to enable precise multi-axis measurements of compass chips and other sensors. The larger coils can accommodate a 3U CubeSat satellite for in-situ calibration for satellite applications.

Bartington has also expanded their high temperature fluxgates to single, two and three axis sensors with operating temperature options of 185°C and 215°C. A low profile sensor, Model 614, has 25 x 20mm footprint and 10mm height, allowing direct PCB mounting in directional drill heads. Several noise level options are available for the Model 614.