New Magnets from GMW: High Frequency and High Field

GMW is introducing some new electromagnets for research and development applications. From HTS-110, we are now offering a 2T Vertical Projected Field Electromagnet, made from High Tc superconducting wire. This adds to the existing line of the GMW Projected Field Copper wire Electromagnets, the series 520x. This magnet offers a ±2.3T field at vertical distance of 5mm above the top surface of the magnet. Uniformity over a 10mm disc at this height is 0.5%. The magnet runs off a standard commercial bipolar power supply and with an iron return, the 5G fringe field is less than 0.5m from the magnet. Cooling is via a commercial closed-circuit cryocooler.

Also from HTS-110, the line of LM Short Solenoids. Standard, room-temperature bores range from 40mm to 80m and fields from ±1T to ±3T. These low-profile solenoids feature heights of 45mm to 160mm and field uniformities down to 0.05%. All coils operate at 125A, allowing for use of 1kW bipolar power supply. The high fields in relatively short profiles allow use with compact cryostats and microscopes in beam focusing applications.

GMW is developing a high frequency version of the long lived 3470 tabletop dipole. Using exotic materials for the core and Litz wire coils, the 3470HFAC (High Frequency AC) operates at frequencies from dc to 25kHz using commercial amplifiers. DC fields are to ±90mT. At 25kHz frequency, peak fields of 20mT are obtainable at an air gap of 35mm. Although this magnet has been designed for small angle scattering of neutrons, we anticipate materials and biological applications.