NMR Probe Array for fast magnetic field mapping

The Metrolab MFC Magnetic Field Camera from GMW Associates is appropriate for very fast, high accuracy magnetic field mapping of uniform field magnets as used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), particle accelerator detectors, ion traps or mass spectrometers.

An MFC system consists of an MFC-3045 Control and an MFC-3048 Probe Array configured to the end-user’s required geometry. Typically the Array consists of up to 32 proton NMR Probes arranged in a planar array on a semicircle or semi-ellipse. Rotation of the Array about the diameter generates a magnetic field map on the surface of a sphere or ellipsoid. Arrays delivered to date have had diameters of 200 to 600mm. Larger Arrays with up to 96 Probes are possible.

All Probes in the Array are monitored simultaneously and a field measurement is obtained in about 30msec. Normally measurements are averaged for about 2 sec. Then the Probe Array is moved to the next measurement position. A complete map of about 960 points (32 Probes x 30 positions) with about 0.3ppm field resolution can be obtained in less than two minutes.

Recently a new “flat coil” Probe with integrated rf amplifier has been introduced. This has resulted in improved tracking between Probes and an extension to higher fields. Probe Arrays for 3T fields have been delivered and the design is expected to operate to 7T.