Sentron 2SA-10G 2-axis Linear Hall Magnetic IC

Sentron’s magnetic angular sensor 2SA-10G detects the absolute angular position of a small magnet that is positioned above the device surface.

The 2SA-10G is an integrated combination of a CMOS Hall circuit and a thin ferromagnetic disk. The CMOS circuit contains two pairs of Hall-elements for each of the two directions parallel with the chip surface X and Y. The ferromagnetic disk amplifies the external magnetic field and concentrates it on the Hall elements.

The 2SA-10G is ideally suited for rotary non contact position sensing in harsh industrial environments. It produces two linear, ratio-metric output voltages proportional to the sine and the cosine function of the angle of the applied magnetic field parallel to the chip surface.

The 2SA-10G-SO is RoHS compliant.

2SA-10 AnimationAnimated Angle Graph

The 2SA-10G positioned under a rotating magnet provides exact angle and rotation direction information. The angle may be computed from Sx and Sy, and the direction is known from which signal (Sx or Sy) leads


  • Measures two components of a magnetic field at a single location
  • Excellent matching of sensitivities along the two axes.
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Low quiescent current
  • Fabricated in standard CMOS technology
  • Available in SOIC-8


  • 2-D position sensing
  • Contactless potentiometer
  • Angular position sensor for micromotors
  • Miniture contactless encoder
  • contactless rotary switch
  • 2-D magnetic field mapping
  • Joystick
  • 1-D linear position sensor


AN_114KIT (STD. PCB) 360° Angle Sensing Reference Design Kit

This kit is useful for evaluating the 2-Axis linear Hall Effect sensor in Angular Position sensing applications. The kit contains an assembled printed 0.5" x 1.0", circuit board with a 2SA-10G-SO soldered onto the PCB, a magnet guide, a SmCo magnet that has been magnetized across the diameter and an extra 2SA-10G-SO sample part. The plastic guide fits into four holes on the PCB and provides a means of centering the magnet over the IC and providing the optimum spacing between the magnet and IC. As the magnet is manually rotated 360 degrees, the X and Y outputs will provide a sin and cosine voltage output at the X and Y outputs respectively

AN_114KIT Data Sheet


GMW Sin/Cos to Analog Interpolator IC - GMW360A

The GMW360A Interpolator IC is designed to be compatible with the Sentron 2SA-10G, 2-Axis angular sensing IC, however it will work with any SIN and COS signal input with the required input amplitude. The GMW360A is based on the Cypress PSoCTM, CY8C24123A, Mixed-Signal Array device. The GMW360A converts orthogonal SIN and COS signals to Analog and PWM output signals proportional to the angle with 9 bit resolution.

GMW360A Data Sheet


Permanent Magnet for Angle Sensing - 55C0126

A 6.35mm square x 2.55mm thick SmCo permanent magnet that is polarized across its' width rather than depth. Compatible with the 2SA-10G.

55C0126 Outline Drawing

55B0082 Magnet

Permanent Magnet for Angle Sensing - 55B0082

A 6.35mm diameter x 3.81mm SmCo permanent magnet that is polarized across its' diameter rather than axially. Compatible with the EM-3242 and may be mounted into the M250-1.0 Magnet Holder (shaft).

55B0082 Outline Drawing


CMOS Integrated Circuits

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2-axis Sensor, High Sensitivity, SOIC-8, std. programming
“Lead free” (RoHS Compliant)2,4,5

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Cylindrical Permanent Magnet, SmCo24, 6.35 dia. x 3.8mm thick

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Square Permanent Magnet, SmCo24, 6.35 square x 2.5mm thick1

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  1. The Sentron 2SA-10G-SO is manufacture by Melexis Semiconductors and is equivalent to the MLX91204KDC-ABA-002.
  2. Standard ICs are factory programmed to the 2SA-10G and GMW360A specification sheets.
  3. 2SA-10G-SO available in both small quantities and complete reel quantities of 3000 pieces/reel.
  4. Minimum purchase quantity for 2SA-10G-SO, 55B0082, and 55C0126 is 10 pieces.
  5. IC quantities less than 3000 are sold in cut tape, quantities of 3000 and higher for ICs are supplied in 13″ tape reels (3000 pieces per reel).

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