Senis BBM-02 Bus Bar Current Sensor Modules

The Senis Bus Bar Current Sensor module BBM-02 is a bus-bar DC and AC current transducer. Attached to a rectangular cross-section current bus-bar, the BBM-02 enables contactless measurement of DC and AC currents in the bus-bar. The BBM-02 incorporates two Hall-effect magnetic field sensors, which shall be located at two opposite sides of a bus bar. The sensors generate an output voltage, which is proportional to the magnetic field produced by the electrical current currying the bus-bar. The signals generated in the two sensors by external magnetic fields are mutually cancelled. The BBM-02 does not contain any ferromagnetic part, so it has no hysteresis. The offset and sensitivity of the BBM-02 are in-factory calibrated.

The current sensitivity and the dynamic response of a current transducer based on the BBM-02 depend on the bus-bar geometry and the position of the BBM-02 relative to the bus bar.



• For measuring DC & AC currents, the frequency bandwidth from DC up to 100kHz
• Small size, very compact and low profile mechanical package
• Easy to assemble structure: its installation does not require an interrupt of the circuit
• 5Vdc unipolar power supply
• Signal output electrically isolated from primary bus bar
• Differential output
• Clean recovery from very high transient overload
• Improved HV insulation with a 3mm thick layer of the PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene –
Teflon) available on request


• Power Electronics
• Motor & Generator Control
• Electromechanical Systems
• Battery Charging
• Transit & Off Road Vehicles
• Process control


Senis BBM-02 Bus Bar Module Current Sensor

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Bus Bar Module Current Sensor, 2kV Isolation Voltage


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