Senis Magnetic Field Transducers, Three-Axis, F3A

A SENIS Hall magnetic field transducer consists of two modules:

  • Module H, consisting of the Hall probe and the CaH cable
  • Module E, containing the analog electronics for signal conditioning

To build up a complete measurement system, the module E needs to be connected to an adequate power supply and to a voltmeter (or A/D converter) for each measured component of a magnetic field.

Key Features:

  • Fully integrated CMOS 3-axis (Bx, By, Bz) Hall Probe
  • Very high spatial resolution (By: 0.03 x 0.005 x 0.03mm3; Bx and Bz: 0.15 x 0.01 x 0.15 mm3)
  • High angular accuracy (orthogonality error less than 0.1°)
  • Virtually no planar Hall Effect
  • High frequency bandwidth (from DC up to 25kHz)
  • High disturbance immunity
  • Negligible inductive loops on the Probe
  • Integrated temperature sensor on the probe for temperature compensation
  • Range: ±20mT … ±20T


S12-5 - Power Supply

Switch Mode power supply for Senis Hall Effect Transducers. 100-240VAC, 0.8A, 50-60Hz input.

ZG12 - Zero Gauss Chamber

Used for zeroing the reading.
Dimenisons: 25mm Outer Diameter, 21mm Inner Diameter, 200mm Length.
Shielding Factor: 100

Mating Connectors

SV81 - Mating Connector for CO50-G, Male plug Signal Output
KV50 - Mating Connector, Male plug, Power Input

CO50-G - Signal Output Cable

Signal Output Cable, Unterminated on one end, 5.0m.

Transverse Probe Holder

11901230 Probe Holder for MPT type probes to be mounted transversely.

11906-0000-0 - Probe Holder, Transverse, non-metallic.

3DSA-05 - Three-Axis Differential-to-Single Ended Signals Adapter

Adapter for conversion of three differential voltages to corresponding single-ended voltage.


Three-Axis Hall Probes and Transducers

Configured Transducers Normally in Stock. Refer to Senis Magnetic Measurement Product Guide for complete list.

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Three Axis Hall Transducer, Probe Type ‘A’, 2m Cable, Fixed Connector, 0.2T, 2.5kHz, 1% Linearization.


Three Axis Hall Transducer, Probe Type ‘A’, 2m Cable, Fixed Connector, 2T, 2.5kHz, 1% Linearization



Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Power Supply, ±12V, 90 – 264Vac, 1.8m Cable


Probe Holder, aluminum, transverse


Probe Holder, Transverse, non-metallic


Signal Output Cable, Unterminated on one end, 5.0m


Zero Gauss Chamber


Mating Connector for CO50-G, Signal Output


Mating Connector, Power Input


Three-Axis Differential to Single Ended Signals Adapter


Calibration – Senis Three-Axis Hall Probes and Transducers

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3-Axis, Sensitivity & Linearity Calibration

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