Group3 Digital Teslameter, 3-axis, DTM-333

The DTM-333 is a new generation of Digital Teslameter/Gaussmeter but includes the same tried and tested reliable technology used in previous versions.  The technology and accuracy is the same as the Group3 DTM-133 but in a 3D or 3 Channel environment. We have taken great care to ensure the product is backwardly compatible in all ways. There is no need to buy new probes if you already have some – the DTM-333 can accept all models of Group3 Hall probes.

The new DTM-333 has 2 main operating modes – Axis (3D Mode and Channel Mode. In Axial mode the 3D probe is used (3DT-130 or 3DT-230). This means the Teslameter operates exclusively as a combined 3 axis instrument. When a mode is changed ie. range is set to 1 then all axis follow similarly when zeroing. In channel mode each channel is able to be operated independently of the other allowing the user the flexibility of 3 separate channels for 3 separate tasks including being able to use different specification probes. This means the DTM‐333 is a very flexible instrument.


  • Resolution of 1 part in 12,000
  • 4 ranges
  • Maximum field 3 Tesla
  • Integrated touch screen
  • On board or remote data acquisition
  • USB data storage option
  • Optional Ethernet or RS232
  • Accuracy is ± (0.03% of reading + 0.03% of full scale) with 3DT-132, LPT-130 or MPT-132 probe


  • Temperature coefficient is 80 ppm / ° C when used with LPT-130, or 140 ppm / °C when used with MPT‐132 or 3DT-132 probe.
  • Accuracy and temperature specifications include performance of probe. Because the probe characterisation information is stored in the probe assembly itself, any Group3 probe can be used with any Group3 DTM.
  • Digital filtering (time averaging) can be enabled to suppress short term fluctuations. An analog output is available. This is a buffered version of the raw probe signal, and is not corrected for linearity or temperature. It offers an instantaneous field value, (0 to 9kHz). Panel mount versions are available.  The operating temperature range of the probe and instrument is 0 to 50 °C.


11901230, 11901240, & 11906-0000-0 - Probe Holders

Probe mounting is a difficult problem for many users, so we have developed a couple of probe holder options;

11901230 and 11901240 Probe Holders 11901230 for MPT type probes to be mounted transversely, 11901240 for MPT probes mounted axially.


Digital Hall Effect Teslameters (Gaussmeters)

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Digital Teslameter, USB Interface, 3-channel, bench mount


Hall Probes, without thermal sensor, for DTM-333, Single-axis

DTM-333 can use 3 single-axis probes (3 channels), or 1 three-axis probe (1 channel)

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Miniature Hall Probe, High Sensitivity.
0.03T, 0.06T, 0.12T, & 0.3T


Thin Miniature Hall Probe, Standard Sensitivity.
0.3T, 0.6T, 1.2T, & 3.0T


Miniature Hall Probe, Standard Sensitivity.
0.3T, 0.6T, 1.2T, & 3.0T


Hall Probes, without thermal sensor, for DTM-333, Three-axis

DTM-333 can use 3 single-axis probes (3 channels), or 1 three-axis probe (1 channel)

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Three-axis Hall Probe, Standard Sensitivity. 0.03T, 0.06T, 0.12T, & 0.3T, 10m cable.


Three-axis  Hall Probe, High Sensitivity. 0.3T, 0.6T, 1.2T, & 3.0T. 10m cable


Accessories, Single-axis

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Probe Holder, aluminum, transverse


Probe holder, axial, aluminum.


Accessories, Three-axis

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Probe holder, 3-axis, aluminum.


Probe holder, 3-axis, non-metallic.


Probe Cables, Single-axis

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Extra length probe cable, shielded, price per meter.


Probe Cables, Three-axis

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Extra length probe cable, 3-axis, shielded, price per meter.

For Calibration and Service, see Magnetic Field Calibration & Service.

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