Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometer, 1-axis

The Mag-01H is a portable high performance instrument that provides precision measurements of the direction and intensity of magnetic fields from 0.1nT (1µG) to 2,000µT (20G) with a frequency response of DC to 10Hz. Axial and transverse probes are available together with unpackaged probes for cryogenic applications.

The Mag-01H instrument may be powered by either mains voltage or internal battery, and have a 4½ digit display and an analog output. The internal rechargeable sealed lead acid battery provides up to 16 hours continuous use and may be recharged using the mains adaptor provided.

The Mag-01H has an additional x10 sensitivity switch for a resolution of 0.1nT and an offset control for up to ±90µT in 10µT steps.

This instrument feature superb linearity, accuracy, and very low drift with time and temperature. Calibration is traceable to international standards, and a re-calibration service is available.

Probes for the Mag-01H

The sensing axis of the Mag-B and Mag-D probes is along the axis of the cylindrical enlosure (axial) and the sensing axis of the Mag-C and Mag-E probes is along the axis of the short cylinder mounted at the end of the probe (transverse). The magnetic detection axis and center of sensitive volume are marked on each probe.

The cryogenic Mag-F and Mag-G probes are suitable for operation at temperatures down to liquid helium and have 1 meter of 4 x .02mm enameled copper wire connected to the sensing element for use in a cryostat or vacuum chamber. This length can be extended to a maximum of 5 meters if required. Cable assemblies with Customer specified vacuum feed-through connector and cable are available to special order.

Tech Support

SRF Cavities

Neutron Electric Dipole Moment


Degaussing Wand

Degaussing WandThe Degaussing Wand is a mains powered, handheld instrument that is used for removing accumulated magnetic fields from other devices. Instruments that measure magnetic fields can become magnetised themselves, thus adversely affecting their performance.


Single Axis Fluxgate Control and Readout

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Fluxgate Nanoteslameter, with high sensitivity and offset controls.

For low field cryogenic measurements, the CryoMag 3-axis Cryogenic Fluxgate Sensor.


Single Axis Probes

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Axial Probe, 0.2mT (2G) Full Scale, 5m Cable.


Transverse Probe, 0.2mT (2G) Full Scale, 5m Cable.


Axial Probe, 2mT (20G) Full Scale, 5m Cable.


Transverse Probe, 2mT (20G) Full Scale, 5m Cable.


Sensor, 0.2mT (2G) Full Scale, Cryogenic, 1 + 5m Cable.


Sensor, 2mT (20G) Full Scale, Cryogenic, 1 + 5m Cable.


Additional probe cable, lengths up to 25m.
Price per meter.



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Magnetic Shield, three layers, with closed ends. Inner dimensions 76mm ID x 229mm length.


Magnetic Shield, three layers, with closed ends. Inner dimensions 152mm ID x 381mm length.


Degaussing wand, recommended with TLMS


Calibration – Mag-01 and Mag01H Fluxgate Magnetometer

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Mag-01H and one Probe Calibration at National Physical Lab-UK


Mag-01 Probes B – G Calibration and Certificate


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