Sentron CSA-1VG-SO Linear Hall Magnetic IC – Discontinued


  1. CSA-1VG Datasheet – Revised Oct 2008
  2. CSA-1V Noise Spectrum
  3. CSA-1VG Kit Summary Feb 2009
  4. Mechanical Drawing – CSA-1VG pad layout

Technical Notes

  1. CSA-1V Applications Overview – AN_102
  2. Transient Common Mode Voltage Rejection – AN_120KIT
  3. Transient Common Mode Voltage Rejection – AN_123KIT
  4. Soldering & Welding Recommednations for Melexis Products
  5. Transition from CSA-1V to CSA-1VG


  1. Automated Data Acquisition for a Prognostics and Diagnostics Health Monitoring System
  2. using the CSA-1V,Gregory Miitchell et. al., US Army Research Laboratory July 2008


Engineering Design Information

Documentation for Reference Only – Current sensors using the CSA – 1VG

Discontinued Products based on CSA-1VG-SO