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GMW supports customers in applications such as active ranging using high-temperature fluxgate sensors as well as Helmholtz coils used for calibration of directional drilling tools and ranging equipment. For an overview of applications GMW supports in Oil & Gas and Mineral Exploration, please see our applications page.

Ludo Letourneur, PhD, Senior Application Engineer, is our lead technical expert in these applications and is available for consultation and discussion.

Ludo Letourneur Headshot

Ludo Letourneur, PhD
Senior Applications Engineer

Bartington High Temperature Fluxgate Sensors


  • Mag614, a compact sensor rated to 175°C
  • Mag611, a compact sensor rated to 215°C
  • Mag610, with a low noise version for increased precision rated to 175°C

Bartington Standard Temperature Fluxgate Sensors

Bartington Mag-13 low-noise and Mag612 miniature ambient temperature fluxgate sensors for use as reference sensors, or for shallower applications.

Bartington 3-Axis Helmholtz Coil Systems

Bartington 3-Axis Helmholtz Coil Systems are available from 350mm up to 2m allowing for a wide range of tools to be accommodated. All systems can integrate an active cancellation system for better DC calibration stability.

Bartington MS3 Magnetic Susceptibility System

Bartington MS3 Magnetic Susceptibility System for measuring concentration of magnetic nanoparticles in liquid or slurry samples.

Current Measurement Instrumentation

You may be additionally interested in Current Measurement instrumentation for industrial current monitoring and safety application, including:

  • PEM Clip-around AC Current Probes with full-scale primary currents of 30A to 1MA and frequency response from <0.05Hz to 50MHz (-3dB). Coils can be made to many meters in circumference for current measurement in large-scale installations.
  • GMW DC/AC Clip-On and Clamp-On Current Probes for industrial current monitoring with better than ±1% accuracy to ±16kA and dc to >40kHz (-3dB) frequency response.

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